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Coles ½ Price Ice Cream: Sara Lee Tubs 1L $6, Oreo 1.2l $5, Milo 1.2l $5, Hersheys 1L $4.75, Bulla Murray Street 1L $6 @ Coles


For those who love ice cream! There are heaps of ice creams 1/2 price in Coles right now.

The following link from Coles should be able to show you the full list of them. https://www.coles.com.au/browse/frozen/ice-cream?filter_Spec…

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    Why is there a picture of a meat lover's pizza and lemon sorbet, neither of which is mentioned?

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      The Ozbargain system automatically uses the pictures from the Coles frozen department link, not sure how to fix it.

    • I got hyped cause I love lemon sorbet

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    Pizza flavoured ice cream? 🤮

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      Ice cream flavored Pizza

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    Couple of years ago, I saw coles pizza to be cheap and bot it, I think margerita flavor. It was the most horrible pizza I had even eaten. Maybe they have improved now, i dunno.

    • saw coles pizza to be cheap and bot it


      • You should have at least highlighted the horrible word!

        • pizza ???

      • I think he meant bort

        • I thought it was boot.

    • So that’s why they are always sold out. Damn bots

      • Good luck to whoever eats them.

    • We use to buy aldi homebrand pizzas, and occasionally coles homebrand frozen pizzas. We would add a bit of chopped capsicum, maybe some extra chopped bacon pieces, a bit of cheese, some herbs and pepper… So basically we used it as a 500g pizza base with half toppings pre-loaded… Used to be $3 and figured it was good value and taste okay when added onto…

      Haven't done that in quite a while though.

      Now we buy pita bread or similair from aldi (or on sale from coles/worths) and use that as pizza base.

      • I used to do the same. But I didnt like the taste of the base itself. There is new coles branded garlic base thats very tasty https://www.coles.com.au/product/coles-kitchen-garlic-and-he… Makes for a thick soft base tho, probably not suitable for crunchy.

      • Why not just make your own pizza base?

        Takes 1-2 minutes of effort…

  • dog meat lovers pizza

    • My dog does not like this pizza.

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