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[NSW, VIC, SA, WA, ACT] 20% off Liquor (Excludes Cask Wine, Maximum Discount $50, 1 Redemption per Customer) @ Coles Online


Not sure if targeted

Some decent deals for those on special (special prices expired)

https://www.coles.com.au/product/chivas-regal-12yo-scotch-whisky-700ml-1-each-8328867 $41.60

https://www.coles.com.au/product/lagavulin-16yo-single-malt-scotch-whisky-700ml-1-each-8329495 $124

https://www.coles.com.au/product/johnnie-walker-blue-label-scotch-whisky-700ml-1-each-8327820 $188

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    Sorry, the page you’re looking for isn’t here

    The page may no longer exist, or there's an error in the web address.

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      Let me guess, you are in QLD

      • Currently yeah

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          Unfortunately, this offer does not include QLD, TAS and NT.

          It should have been mentioned in the title.

    • Code works for me in WA, but the link goes to a page mostly filled with cask wine !?

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      Deal has expired but for future reference can anyone confirm if this is fulfilled by Liqourland? With a new store in Launceston I’m hoping these deals my finally start to be available in TAS.

      • The code didn’t work with them, I tried

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    Thanks OP. Bought 2 JW Blue, really great price without Costco Membership and 3x points Amex.

  • Lagavulin showing unavailable :(

    • changed to other stores, stores inside westfield may have extra stocks.

      • nah, guessing they've pulled it

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    Got some scotch. Sometimes (most of the time) they can't find one of the three bottles and still give me the full 20% order total discount off the other two bottles. Ngl it makes for some cheap quality alcohol.

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    If you took advantage of the recent Coles Plus Saver account for VIC / TAS, you get an extra 10% based on my cart? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/837746

    • It will not work for TAS, since this promotion excludes QLD, TAS and NT.

    • Thanks for this tip. Placed a large order to maximise the 20% promo and signed up for $7 to save another 10% (actually about 6% once account for the $7 and because the 10% applies to the reduced amount after 20% discount).

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    Singleton Malt Masters on special. That plus discount makes it just under $50. A nice easy and warm whisky.

  • bought Johnny Walker Blue label and it works. saved $47

    • While checked an hour ago there was no stock.. did they restock?

      • depends on location?
        I am at WA

  • first time I've done this in south australia…. worked out the trick is you have to nominate a coles supermarket close to a liquorland…. kurralta park worked for me.
    Nice saving of $50 on 4 slabs of pear cider.

    • Or a Vintage Cellars (e.g. Burnside) if you prefer their range.

  • dam liquorland expensive

  • I'm in SA and only non alcoholic beers show up after I log in (with a selected store in SA).

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      Might be a sign mate

    • You need to select delivery for SA.

      • +1

        Negative, just a store with a Liquorland next door.

        • That worked.

  • Malt whisky lineup has become putrid recently

  • Thanks for nice little Lagavulin 16YO

    • What did you get charged? I got slugged $160 odd. Control price red meant to be about $117 or so

    • Lag 16 now $210 retail…ouch!

  • What's special? For me the discounted price is $54.4 instead of $41.6

  • It works for me here in SA - got a bottle of Jacks for $44 :)

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    @gotyourback any chance this promo code can be added so we can use the promo and still qualify for cashback?

  • i dropped past to pick up

    nothing there

    i check my emails

    "This is a courtesy notification that your Coles online order has been cancelled."

    was sent an hour before the pickup slot time

    pretty lame imho

    • +1

      Very common. They have terrible logistics and won't try to fulfil an order until just before pick up time.

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    BTW, if you're "old school" and like Tooheys New, they have 30 packs of cans for $52. Less the 20% makes them $41.60 for a case of 30. Pre-rona prices.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Ordered a couple of bottles of Malfy Rosa gin which was on sale last night for $60, so $48 after discount. Got a message this morning saying only 1 bottle available. Went in-store when I was there and saw 2 bottles sitting on the shelf. Asked if they could fill my order properly and was told it was too late and price was now $78……

  • nah - Coles Liquorland refunded me. Cancelled sale

  • got cancelled. pretty disspointing.

  • Cancelled also.
    Pretty poor

  • Ordered cancelled via email. No explanation

  • Sorry to those many people reporting cancelled orders. In case of interest to others wondering whether it's worth bothering, I placed on order last night and order went through normally and have received notification all items are ready to collect.

    • No issues here.

      • Actually just realised they'd cancelled my 4 pines hazy. So got the Tooheys New but looks like most things a bit more upmarket are being cancelled.

  • Ordered Blue Label. They cancel the order in the next date say no stock.

    Called to store and the liquorland said they have it in stock, no Coles staff asked them for it.

    Called Coles store and they said liquorland staff not given the item. So they cancel it.

    The online manager said they don't really what I think. (you can think what you think).

    Store manager said online purchase is separated from them. He cannot do anything.

    Blue label was $235 ->$315

    They cannot replicate the order.

    Called customer hotline, they cannot do anything.

    Email customer service and each time they replied by different people. Have no idea what they are talking about.

    That is Coles Online shopping

    • High value/low stock items will invariably get cancelled as their poor logistics can't handle low volumes. Boring stuff like JW Red which they have oodles of, no problem. They've had no interest in fixing it for years. Best you can do is leave a poor review for the Coles store on Google, and a review on Product Review. Eventually scores will be so low across the board senior management might (might!) ask questions.

      • I don't mind if they don't have it in stock.

        However they have it in stock.
        Simply the online manager doesn't ask when he sees nothing there.

        CS just say, sorry can't help you.

        • Same here, whenever i used code and liquor becomes seriously cheaper than other places, they cancelled an order and blamed to customer as “not enough fund” or “out of stock.” Checked the stock of adjoining liquorland, there is plenty. Very suspicious.

          • @R n b: Complained to CS, called to CS.

            Nothing can be done.

            I said this is bull shit.
            Store On line Manager said: I don't care what you think.
            Store manager said he doesn't take care online side.

            Emailed to CS and they don't reply.

    • Consumer affairs in your state.

      Documentation is key. Screenshots+ photos of available on shelf.

      Ask for your time to be compensated.

      Send this to Coles support email first to show you have tried

      Normally someone high up will call and offer you a $20 compensation credit. Take that and ask for the order to be fulfilled.

  • Some tips to maximise the discount available from this offer for those in VIC.

    Thanks for seanmilt in an earlier comment for pointing out you can get an extra 10% if signed up to Coles Plus Saver (at $7 month).

    Looking at my invoice after pickup, I see the 10% from Coles Plus Saver applied before the 20% CHEERS20 discount. Note that this is different than the online checkout which was showing 10% calculated after the 20%.

    The optimal spend would be $277.77. Less $27.77 (10% from Coles Plus Saver) = $250.00. Less $50 (20% from CHEERS20, capped at $50) = $200. If not already signed up to Coles Plus Saver you'll need to sign up for a month ($7, more than offset by the $27.77 savings).

    Also if you're signed up to Coles Plus (free trial available) you get 10x FlyBuys points. Roughly another 5% value.

  • Thanks OP.

    Better specials on some of the whiskeys this week anyway. $99 for Dalwhinne on top of 20%+ is a solid deal. Been wanting to try the Oban and doesn't seem to be getting much cheaper so pretty good price less discounts.

  • I just ordered a bottle of Ardbeg 10 for $84 and a Wild Turkey 101 for $54. Pretty decent prices.

  • Nice to see this back after I thought we lost it this year. Still the best value to stock up on your daily beers and mixers.

    Thank-you OP

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