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116-Piece Precision Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit $9.01 Delivered @ Digitaling Store via AliExpress


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need an inexpensive 116 in 1 screw driver set ? here you go.
10% cheaper than the recent Kogan deal

Product name: 116 in 1 precision screwdriver set
Drill bit material: CRV
Handle material: ABS
Size: 16.595cm

Package includes
98* precision bits, 1* ABS handle,1Brush, 3Pry bar, 1Tweezers, 1Adapter, 1Extension hose, 1Stick needle, 1Suction cup, 1Add magnet, 6*Pry piece

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  • +14

    I own one of these and would highly recommend, it's surprising how many times I've actually needed that bullshit bit to undo/tighten the bullshit screw. I paid $20 but that's easily paid itself back multiple times in the two or so years I've owned it.

    If you're a handyman, casual tinkerer, PC building or techie, get one.

    • 100 percent it's a solid purchase.

    • Very much agree with this. Had mine for a few years, comes in handy.

    • Same. Bought another one because sometimes I find myself switching between two bits in one project, and this is just such good value.

    • Agreed. My DJI Mini 3 Pro drone only accepted the screwheads from this set.

    • Agreed, have only used mine only or twice but am glad I bought.
      I also have an iFixit Mako set that I use all the time.

  • How did you get $9.01? Mine is $11.73 at the checkout.

    • +1

      Mine shows $10.81.

      • Same

      • I got 11.89 at checkout!!

    • I’m getting $10.81 before checkout and $11.65 at checkout

      • +1

        Try 'or try this link'

  • +2

    $7.09 two years ago. Good set

  • +2

    It is still available. I found it under 'super deal' category, checkout shows $9.01.

    • thank you

  • -1


  • USD 5.55 with OPs second link.

  • Mine showed GBP 5.5, which ended up as AUD 8.79
    (using the second link in description)

  • +1

    The second link in the post, AU$9.00
    Thank you OP

    • $9 for me too
      $7.92 + $1.08 tax and free shipping.

  • +2

    $8.57 aus using Latitude 28 Degrees in Usd

  • Thanks bought 3 this morning and another 3 now.

  • I think this is the same kit only $4.08. URL found in OP's link below the original kit.


    • Cheers, just ordered that one for $5.88 AUD and I think its gone up now

    • +1

      Valueless comment: Only for new users?

    • +1

      You must have some sort of new user coupon, or the price has increased as it's $15.00 (+gst) delivered

    • Shows AUD$15 for me

    • Without login, it's $4.08, but $15 after login….

  • Very useful set, I bought in last deal. Highly recommended.

  • Very good kit, this one has the updated screwdriver handle. It has philips head sizes down to 0000, which I used to take apart a camera lens. This kit is what you need if you just want a single screwdriver kit. Even has torx, and other obscure heads.

  • https://ibb.co/BZhfGcX

    Come up as 5.55US =8.52 AUD after everything for me…

  • +3

    Use this link for it to be US$5.55 (~A$8.57).

    • +1

      Pops up as $10.79 for me. Any advice on getting that lower price?

      • Have you purchased one already?

        • Nope never purchased one before. Have purchased other stuff a couple days ago if that changes anything?

      • Same for me - $10.79 is the cheapest I can find.

  • I just got one for a little over $5 - maybe not the same item, but looks the same product pictures:
    never mind me, now when I go back it says $15. I got charged $5.88

    • First timing buying from aliexpress?

      • Not first time, but first time in a long time. Had to reset password but it has my previous orders listed.
        Guess it was a promo

  • +1

    Anyone else notice that Digitaling Store is charging more than 10% GST (in fact more than 17% of the AUD subtotal)? If you download the invoice provided by Aliexpress it shows inflated bogus prices in USD that when converted to AUD are higher than what you actually paid, then they calculate the 10% GST on this bogus higher amount. Tried to report it to Aliexpress but they don't care which suggests they are complicit in this scam.

    • I’ve noticed this on other AliExpress purchases. The “tax” is higher than 10%! Stops me from buying more things from there. Thanks again Gerry Harvey!

    • they give invoice download again?

  • Just brought this for $2.46 usd free shipping :)

  • Bought this one, but somehow the tracking notification said “Failed to clear at import customs”. Anybody got similar notif?

    • yeah I have the same

      unsure where to go from here

    • I've had that before, usually just takes an extra day or two and it comes through

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