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Campbell's Chicken Real Stock 1 Litre $2.25 ($2.03 with Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Campbell's Chicken Real Stock, 1 litre https://amzn.asia/d/02yN9jk

Salt reduced $2.25
Campbell's Chicken Salt Reduced Real Stock 1 litre https://amzn.asia/d/eo543Ox

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  • Didn't realise stock had so little calories.

    How much better will my be rice be when using this over water in my Instant Pot Duo?

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      I do this all the time. Bloody brilliant.

      • As in using stock and jasmine rice for example in a rice cooker instead of water and letting the rice soak it in? Have never tried but sounds like it would be nice!

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          Best not to soak jasmine rice. Just rince it and cook it (1.5/1 ratio of liquid to rice)

          • @prhino: 1.5:1 is way too much water for Jasmine.

            1.25:1 is ideal. If you like it firm, you could try 1:1.

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        Add some garlic cloves and a teaspoon of soy… it will change your life.

        • Garlic, ginger, spring onion, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, butter, all great options for the rice cooker

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      You can also put in half an OXO chicken or beef stock cube. Makes a material difference.

      Or if you want to be fancy put in two teaspoons of this:

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      If you have an Instant Pot you're better off making your own stock.

      I buy a kilo of chicken frames/carcasses for $2 and put them in my Instant Pot with a few litres of water on high pressure for an hour.

      Viola, 90 minutes or so later, great stock. Much better than stuff from a carton. Plus once it's pressure cooked you can remove the chicken meat to feed to your dog/cat.

      • Do you use any aromatics/vegetables or are chicken frames is all you need?

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          I sometimes add carrots, celery, peppercorns and onions. Adding peppercorns and onions means you shouldn't give it to your pet though.

          I find that you don't really need these anything but the chicken frames though with the sort of stuff I make. You're going to be adding these flavours to your recipes anyway. By leaving these things out you're making the stock more versatile as well.

      • That's pretty good. I've been cooking chicken for dinner, stripping the meat for other meals/sandwiches, and then puttting the bones into a slow cooker for a day or two. Little more work because you need to break up all the bones with pliers, but it gives a thick nutritious result

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    Feel like cubes and powders are better bang for buck with more utility as well (mix with water and you have stock, but also mix with other things like marinades and rubs).

    • Any recommendations of cubes or powder on Amazon?

    • The powders are 10000% better value

      One can of powder is $4, and makes up 112 cups (or 14c/L)
      Cubes are 7 cups worth for $1 (or 57c/L)

      Or you buy this, at 4 cups for $2.25 (2.25/L

      Not exactly paralell, as they claim the real stock is made from real chicken and not dehydrated, but who knows. I'll stick with homemade stock for nutrition, or powder for convenience

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    Pat dry then bring to boil a whole chicken; immediately dial down to just below simmer for an hour or two (must be low heat to let the flavour develop and ensure the chicken stays moist). Add some salt, thyme, sage, onions and carrots.
    Then you'll have 3L of unbeatable real chicken stock. Use half the stock for chicken soups for dinner, add a few chicken piece. Strain then freeze the remaining stock for the future.
    The following night break down the rest of the cooked chicken for your second dinner, either plain or into another dish.

    2-3 low effort family meals from one whole chicken. You'll save $7 on stock that you can use on a better quality chook and eat a healthier dinner.
    Give it a go, you'll never buy stock or nasty, hormone and antibiotic pumped, battery hens ever again!

    • I could be wrong but I thought we were meant to only use the bones to make chicken stock? That means you are saving even more money by doing that, and you can cook the chicken whatever way you want instead of eating boiled chicken meat.

      • You can do either

        Whatever chicken is cheap or on sale. The point is, no wastage or very little

    • You can also make this or similar in a pressure cooker.

      I agree, homemade chicken stock is far superior, but I take shortcuts sometimes.

  • Why am I only seeing 420g (pack of 1), not the 1L (pack of 1)???

    NVM, there are 2 links in this post. One has the correct one correct pricing. the other one has the wrong size.

  • Other stock products are so fake they have to call this the “real stock” 😵‍💫

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