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Lipton Tropical Passionfruit Flavoured Ice Tea 6x1.5L $15 ($13.50 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Raspberry also available for the same price:

Lipton Raspberry Flavoured Ice Tea 1.5 Litre 6 x 1.5L


$13.50 each with subscribe and save.
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  • Stocked up ty

  • My advice would be to stock up, they are $6 at Woolies now and Coles will probably follow suit. Alternatively, they're $2.50 at Coles until Tuesday and $2.50 from Wednesday at Woolies if you wanted to stock up with a bonus points shop.

    • Oh I see, it’s a Coles price match. Thanks for that.

    • +2

      Imagine paying $6 for a sweetened beverage…

  • If you’re a more occasional drinker like me and haven’t tried the sachets yet I recommend them.

    $7 for 20 serves (5l) at full price or half that on sale.

    Interested to hear others thoughts.

    • +1

      I have the sachets, what I like about them is you can dilute to your taste if you want stronger or weaker. Don't find them as good as the bottle but $6/bottle will likely change that 🤣

      • Yeah it’s interesting that even diluted by double it’s still quite nice despite obviously being weaker, whereas with something like Ribena syrup it’s like you need some impossibly precise ratio or it’s practically undrinkable.

        • So true about the Ribena syrup.

    • Do they have these sachets in the sugar free variant?

  • Tropical Passionfruit OOS

  • Any other flavors?

  • I just want tea that tastes like lemon iced tea.

  • The real deal is free delivery for some as per heavy weight

  • Is it just me or does this price seem really expensive for a qty buy? Surely half price special is under $2 for these or is it a case of : "no, it's the children who are wrong".

    • Apparently they are $6 per bottle now so I thought it seemed decent at $2.25 per bottle s&s. Pennypincher98 mentioned above that they are $2.50 per bottle at Coles finishing today and same at Woollies starting tomorrow.

      • $6 Jesus christ

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