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[Recertified] Seagate Exos X18 16TB ST16000NM000J 3.5" Hard Drive $244 Delivered @ East Digital, Hong Kong


If you missed out on the $239 Exos X16 16TB deal and really want a 16TB drive thenyou can pickup the newer Exos X18 variant for an extra $5.

The main differences between the X16 and X18 is that the latter offers slightly faster sustainable data transfer speeds (261MB/s vs 270MB/s) at the cost of high idle power usage (5W vs 5.1W).

Based on previous comments they have a VIC PO Box for free returns if there's any issues.

0 used time,
Factory Recertified Product,
Zero Bad Sectors,
3YR WR From Seller!!!

ST16000NM000J Seagate Exos 16TB 3.5 X18 256M Enterprise Internal SATA Hard Drive

Credit to RaihaX

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    So the main difference between the X16 and X18 is 3.4% speed gain and 2% increase in idle power usage.

    Anyway, is this comment from @xmagic true?:

    They're green-labelled recertified drives. Reinitialised and low-level formatted with a new firmware, so practically new software-wise. Hardware of course are old either from defective producs or RMAs, then refurbished to meet their standard for recertified products.

    For the price point it's not that bad really. I got one of these green-labelled drive from an early RMA (the original drive, SMR btw, got pending sectors only a few weeks in) and now it's been over 5 years and still running strong.

    • +5

      the difference between X16 and X18 is X2

  • +1

    Recertified sounds a little scary.

  • I wouldn't buy recertified drives from a Shopify store based in Hong Kong. How do you know they'll still exist to honour the warranty?

    You can get them off eBay and Amazon from Australian sellers and you'd have a much better chance of a refund with their customer service.

    • +7

      Yes this store started off on eBay and you can still buy them from there if you don't mind paying more. They just got sick of all the questions being emailed and opened up their own store. Plus they can offer lower prices since there's no high eBay fees.

      They're handling DOA really well too. Before you say they're shipping DOAs that's to be expected when thousands have been sold through OzBargain. Even this amazing Amazon deal had DOAs.

      • +3

        Not worried about DOA, worries about it dying in 2.5 years and the warranty not being honoured.

        • +1

          That's fair. The price of saving money.

    • +1

      I doubt very much that you will have any luck getting a refund out of a random seller on eBay.

      Even Amazon is going to tell you to pound sand after more than a year.

      • -1

        No, Amazon will give you a refund, even it it has been years.

      • -1

        Amazon has granted 100% of my refund requests, sometimes just takes a bit of back and forth.

    • I can't say as to these re-cert drivers, but segate's own HDD warranty process is fantastic, i don't know why people would be going to the seller when seagate will handle it all with an RMA.

      • You need to have purchased the Seagate drive from an authorised reseller though.

      • You can only use the Seagate process with drives sourced through the official, local supply chain.

        If you try to warranty a grey-market drive like this one, you won't be able to - Seagate will just tell you to contact your retailer.

  • +1

    Thanks for the credit - I am still indecisive on buying some myself; probably time to upgrade my decade old 4TB WD Red HDDs.

    • +3

      I bought from there a few days ago. They seem to be well received by Ozbargainers. Plus the savings are pretty impressive. Gotta gamble sometimes

      • Well, we got 3yrs to find out.

      • +1

        Yeah but you're gambling twice; with both your money and your data.

        Still not saying it's a bad deal but the data you store usually ends up being worth a lot more than the storage device itself.

        • They'll only be used for linux ISOs. Nothing that can't be easily replaced

  • the only thing i can think of storing is just moives/tv shows/ i hardly play any game now, or even watch stuff…….-.-

  • How would these fare against something like a WD Purple reliability wise in a CCTV box? Only concern is reliability.

    • I got a western digital purple 8 TB from Amazon. It was DOA.
      Just made a clicking noise as soon as I put Power to it.

      The replacement I got worked perfectly though.

      I don’t know if I need 16 more terabytes of CCTV though.

  • +1


  • I bought from these guys via their webstore before. There were no hassles for me. Tempted to get this deal but money is tight nowadays.

  • Trying to compare those on the market;

    This is Segate as the seller.

    It doesn't show any RE warranty info. Any idea if it is 5 years by default?

    • +1

      If it doesn't say it has a warranty, it's only the ACL statutory warranty which is probably 2 years depending on how hard you are willing to fight for the refund.

      • how does it work if seller is overseas?

        • +1

          Amazon is the store, doesn't matter who Amazon got it from.

  • +1

    If you missed out on the $239 Exos X16 16TB deal

    Wait, that link shows in stock at $239 again? Is it just back or am I missing something?

    EDIT: LOL wtf they are live-jacking prices! A bunch of them just spiked up $2-4 since I posted this comment, including OP's deal.

    • +1

      Yep, was just about to purchase a couple, now being a tightarse cus they raised it by a few dollars lol

      • Some guy in HK frantically implementing surge pricing XD

        Will wait a few days for it to go back, no rush for me.

  • I am new to the hdd game, have mostly bought portable hdds. Can these be used as portable drives with enclosure? I don’t want multiple portable drives

    • You still need multiple drives, because you need backups of the main drive.

  • what's the process if a drive like this dies? mine just did I think

  • -1

    yet more roll the dice drives appear on ozbargain

    seems the sellers have figured out they can always find suckers here

    as ive said before, i wouldnt buy a NEW Seagate drive - id go back to writing stuff down on papyrus

  • So i'm thinking to get a Terramaster D5-300- well yes. not a NAS. really for personal storage with RAID setup. is it better just to get a rectified hard drive vs brand new,cost effective i guess, whats everyones setup with their storage?

    • If I was filling all 5 drives with these I'd be doing RAID 6 to allow for a 2-drive failure and that would leave 48TB available. It looks like the D5-300 might not support RAID 6 so you'd be left with 1 drive failure and 64TB storage with RAID 5.

      I personally would be getting a proper network NAS if I was running multiple drives. Just for the web interface to setup/manage RAID, check disk health and so forth. Obviously whichever way you go make sure you have a backup.

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