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Seiko Presage Star Bar Sunset SRPK75J Watch $648.75 Delivered / C&C @ MYER


25% off RRP of a limited edition Seiko (ye ye I know 9000 pieces, Seiko's label not mine).

Seiko's presage brings time-honored craftsmanship and a uniquely Japanese aesthetic to the world. The cocktail time collection is inspired by the Japanese cocktail culture in Tokyos Ginza district. The SRPK79J is a limited edition collaboration with Star Bar with a design inspired by the beautiful sunsets of Tokyo. The dial is decorated with a gradation of changing colors and a wavy pattern reminiscent of clouds floating in the sky. It features an automatic movement watch with manual winding capability, box-shaped hurdle glass, and calfskin leather strap and is limited to 9,000 pieces globally. It also comes with a special presentation box and is individually numbered.

Movement Caliber 4R35
Automatic with manual winding
Power reserve - Approx. 41 hours
Stop second hand function
Date display

Case Material Stainless steel
Case Size

Crystal Box-shaped Hardlex
Band Material Calfskin
Clasp - Three-fold clasp with push button release
Distance between lugs 20mm

Water Resistance 5 bar
Magnetic Resistance 4,800 A/m
Weight 69.0 grams

LIMITED EDITION on the case back
Serial number engraved on the case back
Screw case back
Interchangeable band with quick release spring bars
See-through & Screw case back

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  • No way! Even if it is limited to 900

    • +1


    • Nothing's remarkable about this movement , and its just a dress watch . $650.00 , Nope !

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        Agreed, nothing wrong without the 4R35 but you're paying for the dial and 'limited edition'. Better off getting one of the normal ones on sale for $350-400 (if you want a dress watch) but heaps of other choices and better specs for that money.

        • What others would you recommend?

        • Also interested in your opinion seeing as I know nothing about the technical side of watches. The presage range certainly is easy on the eye.

          • @dilly: There's a presage for $399 in the weekend flash sale:


            Just depends what you want, and what style you like. A dress watch would mostly sit in the drawer for me so personally like the versatility of dive watches (look good with every outfit ie. can dress up/down, swap stainless and rubber straps, great legibility and lume, good water resistance, usually brushed so doesn't show scuffs and fingerprints etc, durable.

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    That design is nice enough to stand on its own, it didn't need a "limited edition" label slapped on it. Instant buy if I was into watches enough to drop that coin on it. Plus automatic means another watch case with turner and I just don't have time for that lol.

    • +2

      Winders are for the movies and posers. And I suppose for perpetual calendars…

      4R35/NH35 shouldn't be put on a winder.
      By the time you get around to wearing it, again, you'll likely need to adjust the time if you want your watch to serve its intended purpose.

      Even for watches with accurate movement, you're just putting unnecessary wear on the movement.

      • Better to leave it sitting? I swear I read somewhere that automatic watches should be kept in time and wound. Happy to let it sit stagnant if it wont damage anything!

      • +1

        I won’t even bother to set the time when I put my watch on. I only wear it for fashion.

          • @G-rig: I have one but I don’t wear it. Well only for exercise

          • @G-rig: Hardly the same , watches can last a lifetime .
            See if you get that from your fruit !

  • +5

    Don't forget AMEX offer of spend $150 or more and get $15 back.

  • +6

    I like Seikos (in general). I just can't get into presage cocktails. Am I weird?
    (also, $650 for hardlex FEELS BAD MAN)

    • +1

      Oops I hit the report button not reply.
      Just kidding, I like them but have never bought one. Dress watches would sit in the drawer.

      • I haven’t held one in hand, only seen them in display cabinets, but to me they just seem to have a “cheap” quality to them. Hard to describe.

        • Same but maybe try one on.
          I like divers better, maybe you're used to those being heavier and chunkier (and feel like you get more for your money).

          Like any Seiko RRP is laughable so should aim for 40-50% off and not get reeled in by the hype or limited edition nonsense.

  • The Presages are starting to look the same. Nothing exciting about them - especially their price point.

    • Starting?

      This is one of a hundred variants of the Cocktail Time, but the Presage brand encompasses a lot more than just the Cocktail Time.

  • +3

    Hardlex at that price? Pass

    • +1

      Honestly, this is what's keeping from buying it. Great design, but at this price I need sapphire to justify it.

  • -7

    Automatic watches are so dumb. If you are buying Seiko buy spring drive. Otherwise quartz or GPS is better in every way.

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      • Where do you think time comes from my dude? Big Ben?

          • -2

            @G-rig: Nope. Casio f-91w is the only dumb watch you need. If you are going to wear a prestige watch you should get spring drive because that system has a revolutionary feature; it keeps time. Automatic watches somehow struggle with this and people still spend 4 figures. Bizarre.

            • @Koppeldread: Just get whatever you want. Others will do the same.

            • @Koppeldread: It's not bizarre.

              There's more to mechanical watches than their ability to keep time.

  • -4


  • -3

    I will wait for Grand Seiko.

      • +2

        Will still never be an Omega, Tudor or Rolex.

        Erm….no, they'll be a Grand Seiko. Very different watch to your run-of-the-mill consumer-grade Seiko, and very much recognised as a top-tier brand. They appeal to a different market than the Swiss brands do.

        • I know about them, opinions vary wildly wouldn't assume top tier. You'd have to make sure you could sell it again for similar money.

          Most people like them but wouldn't pay that much for them, but the main thing is that you like it.

          Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind one, but wouldn't pay 10k. Something JDM or a sharp edge look most of the way there for a fair bit cheaper.

          • @G-rig: Heh - I'm guessing you wouldn't pay US$35K for Credor then?

            • @Chazzozz: No, no I wouldn't.

              • @G-rig: If I could justify spending that much on a watch, I wouldn't either.
                That's over 50,000 AUD. I think you can get multiple nicer watches for that money.

          • @G-rig: I was a bit obsessed with GS and Spring Drive so I joined the cult.

            They may have Seiko on the dial but they are far from a standard Seiko.

            When I look at what I could have gotten from Rolex for the same money, it's not even comparable. I would have been buying the cheapest, dullest Rolex just so I could say I have a Rolex. A 10k Rolex doesn't look half as good as a Grand Seiko.

            I couldn't sell my GS for as much as I paid for it but I've never considered resell value when purchasing a watch.
            With that said, there are some limited GS models which trade above retail.

            • @O15: Yeah that sounds like a keeper. I haven't looked into them too much but assume they are $5-10k. I'm still keen one day for something similar. Those citizen cronomasters are awesome, high precision Quartz and make the perfect GADA. Just need to get either at a good price (and most likely used to reduce the losses).

              Funny how it's either a $30 f91 or a $10k watch, with nothing in between.

              • @G-rig: I would love a Chronomaster. I haven't seen one in person but from looking at photos, they seem to have a similar case and bracelet aesthetic to GS.
                As much as I don't mind the morning ritual of picking a watch, winding and setting it, I do see the appeal in a high accuracy solar quartz that's always ready to go.

                I occasionally have a look at what's available and at what price. I haven't settled on one, yet. If the red washi was still available, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. They are beautiful but seem to be unicorns at this point.
                White washi is probably top of my list. I don't really have a white dial at the moment.

  • +1

    Not a fan of the limited edition label.

    Even worse is they used a different font for '0001/9000 Limited Edition'.

    Looks like the font they use when you buy something from AliExpress or Temu.

  • -1

    These $200 mark-ups for "limited edition colour" are so completely shithouse

  • +1

    Inb4 I get flamed. But I don’t get the hate for hardlex.

    It’s quite durable. I have a cocktail time myself, and the crystal is still near perfect. And plus, on dials like these, any hairline scratches will get lost in the dial, unless viewed specifically at certain angles with the right light.

    But yes I do agree $650 is a lot to pay for one, when they regularly go on discount at around $300-400, if we are looking at the specs only ignoring the dial.

    • It should be sapphire for that money .

    • "inb4 I get flamed" is guaranteed. You won't get flamed until you get "in" with a take that people disagree with. That's how time works

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