ASRock Radeon RX 7800 XT Challenger OC 16GB Graphics Card $769 + Delivery (Free C&C) + 1% Fee (0% for Cards) @ Umart


Pretty tempting price…I'm still on the fence about buying or not so… I decided to post it on ozbargain.

Note that it only has 2 fans unlike other variants but a quick search online seems to suggest 2 fans is sufficient for a 7800 xt.

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  • Yay or nay?

  • Card will obviously run warmer/louder than its 3 fan counterparts.

    Up to you if the $50 saved from a Nitro+ is worth it

  • Has the 7800XT's black screen issue been resolved?

    • I'd say no based on my experience last weekend although I assume there are multiple reasons for it - any ideas about what the cause for this usualy is? My new 7800XT black screen repeatedly so I returned it.

  • +1

    I'm holding out for a 7900 GRE and here's hoping for a under $900 price reduction soon.

  • +1

    Hey I actually bought from them on Saturday without realising it's a good price. So far so good, much better than the 8 years old 1070 it replaced (of course). Running Baldur's Gate 3 at twice the frame rate. Haven't try any OC yet but it hasn't run too hot yet

  • Not a bad price.

    One the other hand, the 6800XT was available for $760 delivered in mid 2022, and the 7800XT performs within a few percentage points of that older card. Shame that the needle hasn't shifted in 2 years.

    • -1

      For the extra $9, you are getting a newer generation card. So, while rasteurisation performance is the same, I would strongly suspect ray tracing performance may tell a different story?

      • +1

        RT performance averages just about 10% better. More impactful than the barely measurable difference in raster, but not exactly huge gains.

        The 7800XT is a little more power efficient too, so there's that.

        • Unfortunately it's not the early 2000's anymore, with our doubling in performance each generation. We are very much witnessing the diminishing returns of electronics advancements.
          It would definitely be nice if the prices reflected that though.

          • -1

            @Rail Rider95: there is actually nothing wrong with pricing for this card, its the cashvidia that is expansive but ppl buy it for ray tracing AI frames…so theres that.
            if you just want power and play at 2k - this card is amazing value considering during crypto 6800 xt was + $1500

            • @botchie: If you want RT, buy a nvidia instead (I didnt as I dont care about RT that much).

          • +2

            @Rail Rider95:

            We are very much witnessing the diminishing returns of electronics advancements.

            Ada was actually an above average gen-on-gen advancement on the silicon level. It doesn't look like that from the consumer's perspective since Nvidia slashed the amount of silicon at a given pricepoint. Compare e.g. the 3060 Ti (GA104, 392 mm²) to the 4060 Ti (AD106, 188 mm²), or even the 4080 (AD103, 379 mm²). Shrinkflation. It's actually very impressive that the 4060 Ti more or less matches the performance of the 3060 Ti considering it's using less than half as much silicon to do so.

            There are external factors like the significantly increasing cost of fabbing leading nodes at TSMC. Ultimately though, Nvidia is perpetuating the myth that "Moore's law is dead" to distract consumers from the fact that they're maximising cost savings by selling you as little product as they can get away with, at the same price or more than last time.

  • Quite funny, I just posted on a 7800XT deal saying if it were $750 that'd be a good deal.

    I kind of have to upvote this now, I think that's a fair price, basically linearly better than a 6800 (for $650).

  • +1

    After days of indecision I walked into today to get the Sapphire Pulse RX 7700 XT ($599), and walked out with a Pulse RX 7800 XT for the same price as this Asrock. They only had the 1 left and didn't even have it listed online.

  • Why anyone is interested in these over a healthy used 6800xt for $200 less is beyond me.

    • +1

      I guess it's new and hasn't been ran through. That being said I did buy the 6800xt for $469. No issues for 6mths and counting.

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