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ASX Share Trading $2 Brokerage on Transaction Amount between $10 & $20,000 @ Superhero


Enjoy low cost trading across all Aussie listed shares and ETFs. Get invested with A$2 brokerage up to A$20k. Start investing with just A$10 (min. trade size).

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Referrer and Referee each earn US$10 worth of Tesla stock. Referee must deposit minimum $100 into Superhero Wallet within 30 calendar days.

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  • +2

    CHESS or Custodian?

  • +1

    Is it chess and HIN sponsored tho

  • +2

    From what I remember it’s chess with single HIN for whole company . May be risky when defaulted to recover money .

    • +2

      "Having a custodian ensures that the beneficial owner (that’s you)
      is the only one who can give instructions on what to do with your shares:
      be it buy more, sell some or transfer them to another broker.
      That is also true for creditors, who have no legal right to access your assets if Superhero were to no longer operate."

  • +11

    No CHESS. No thanks.

  • +1

    A really nice change to see honestly. I have never had issues with Superhero.

    The link posted above is worth looking through if you are worried about the handling of your shares.

  • +4

    $0 ETF buys have been removed.

    There are other (better) places to achieve this now though -Betashares Direct

    • Wish you can create a trust account with Betashares Direct.

      Cant do till Q2 2024.

    • Commsec Pocket is CHESS sponsored with certain ETF trades for $2 under $1000.

      • Can also use CMC Markets and pay $0 for any ASX ETF buy under $1000. First purchase will need to be above $500 though. Plenty of alternatives out there.

    • I believe they blamed regulations for the blocks of getting your money back?

    • +5

      All of the brokers have bad Truspilot scores.

      A lot of it is user error, like the guy who doesn't understand why you need to wait 2 days after selling a stock to withdraw.

  • Without chess I think it's just a gambling house. You VS house… Maybe you can beat the house….na you will never beat the house even if you win. They block your withdrawal…

    • +2

      Bit of an over-reaction, but you're entitled to your opinion/preference.

  • +5

    For the extra $1 in brokerage fees, HelloStake.com.au is probably a less risky approach, as you are Chess-sponsored with your own HIN. $3 brokerage up to $30K trade value.

    I haven't used their service, but seriously considering moving away from Commsec to it.

    • +3

      Nice tip but please note - it's https://hellostake.com/au as HelloStake.com.au is a domain for sale

    • It's worth the move for most folk. You can retain your Commsec account for research purposes. And there are other platforms out there which you can combine with Stake to lower your trading costs even further. Don't forget to use a referral code when you join Stake! :)

      • If you buy with HelloStake (or other smaller cheaper brokers) do your purchases immediately show up in your CommSec Chess listings.?

        • +1

          They won't show on Commsec, but they will appear on the registry service provider - typically Computershare or Market Link Services. It takes a few days. (Provided that they utilise CHESS of course.)

    • Stake is fine.

      If quick deposits is important to you, then SH is better. Instant deposit on SH, but stake can take an hour to process deposits

      For most people, either broker is fine.

    • +3

      From my experience stake is excellent very fast and simple. Lacks analytics tools or "expert recommendations" but I see that as a feature more than a fault.

      Used nab, hsbc and commsec prior, can leave accounts with any of the banks open for access to the tools/charting if thats your jam or subscribe to a more premium service on something like tradingview.

      You can use referrals to drop that brokerage $1 per referral for a year (ie refer 3 people a year to trade free)

      Imo best you can get for 99% of basic retail investors who want minimum cost boring blue chip regular interval investment with chess security.

  • +2

    Also seems they’ve reduced the number of QFF points you earn per trade. Was 100, now 25.

    I guess $3 savings is better than 75 QFF points.

  • Not chess NO THANKS.

  • For all those who lament CHESS sponsorship it’s actually a luxury we enjoy in AU.

    I would say if you are purely trading and not “buy and hold” long term whether an investment is CHESS sponsored or not shouldn’t matter. Arguably it’s better as there is no paperwork to manage.

    IMO Superhero isn’t the right platform for long term “buy and hold” investing anyway.

      • For long term buy and hold and with larger amounts yes.

        For short term trades no it’s not important. The broker you sited wasn’t mainstream and was proven to be dodgy.

        If you trade stocks in other juristictions they are all a custodian model.

  • How do Superhero and Hellostake make money?

    Vs Commsec:
    Do you get the same buy or sell price?
    Or do they take something extra from the price?

    • +1

      Brokerage, fx margin, superannuation fees.

      Do you get the same buy or sell price?


      Or do they take something extra from the price?


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