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Linen Shirts from $29.95 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 in-Store/ $100 Order) @ Industrie


Looks like a good deal for Industrie product, and they rarely do sales this cheap. Guessing it’s an end of season sale. Short and long sleeves with good size ranges still available as at time of this post.

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    Nice find OP.
    Note these are all marked as Final, so no returns possible for change of mind.

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    how do you change shipping to c&c. cant find any store with stock

  • Website shows "Error" message

    • Show Error for me over so many of their categories just browsing round - crap website :(

  • Moving fast, add some stuff and then all out of stock by the time I get to checkout. My current Industrie linen shirts are well used and slightly worn, hopefully the same quality from ~6yrs ago.

  • Thanks OP! Have been waiting for this annual clearance sale! Love their linen shirts!

  • My sign up email isn't coming through which is annoying. Nothing in junk either. I ended up just doing the purchase so i didn't miss out. Anyone else have this issue?

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    The code for sign up email is only on full priced items.

    • Ah thanks thought that might be the case but i still haven't received it

  • Picked up a couple. Good shirts. I already have too many though :/

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    Its all sold out, useless sale

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    No L or XL available for $29.95 any more.

    Still some XXL and the occasional XS available.

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    Industrie quality has gone down hill. These sale prices about right for what they are truly worth

  • What's their sizes like - true to size? Size chart seems to be on the smaller side …

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      Sizes run small

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    What is the ironining situation with these, i have other linen shirts and the crinkles after a wash…

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      Linen always wrinkles.

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      I got a few in their previous sale and these linen shirts crinkle so much! you’d have to iron them after every wash

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    Deals on shirts above Kmart quality are always welcome. There used to be a lot more of them 10 years ago. I am wearing one of those bargains today, a Van Heusen with French Cuffs from The Men's Shop.

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      Ah, my dear chap, what a splendid choice of attire you’ve donned today! A Van Heusen with French cuffs, you say? How utterly delightful! It harkens back to the halcyon days when one could procure such exquisite garments without the need to part with an unseemly amount of one’s inheritance.

      Indeed, the current sartorial landscape is rather barren compared to the bountiful offerings of yesteryear. One must navigate through a veritable desert of mediocrity to uncover a gem worthy of one’s wardrobe. But fear not, for the discerning gentleman such as yourself, armed with an eye for quality and a penchant for bargains, will undoubtedly continue to outshine the common rabble.

      Carry on, good sir, in your quest for the pinnacle of fashion frugality. May your cuffs always be starched, your collars high, and your discounts deep. Tally-ho! 🎩

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        My dear chap, your sartorial elegance is so exquisite, it's like you've wrapped yourself in the very essence of dapper. If style were a currency, you'd be the Rockefeller of fashion, and the rest of us would be mere pennies rolling around in the pocket of life. Keep strutting your stuff, for you're the runway model of our hearts!

  • Anyone familiar with their shirts ? Are they good summer use? Looking for something light and breathable in summer wear for someone who sweats a lot lol

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      They're just linen shirts… they have massive gaps in the weave so they are breathable. If you sweat a lot they'll still end up soaking out and looking gross. But if other linen shirts work for you, these will too.

      I wear these over a t-shirt, just for a bit of sun protection.

      Mostly sold out by now though, I saw the cheaper options disappearing in real time when I ordered a day ago.

      • Thanks mate

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      Mate, linen for me is a revelation.

      I sweat shitloads and get so hot. T-shirts are basically a no-no in summer.

      Even long sleeve linen shirts with the ends rolled up keep me super cool, even in the depths of Aussie summer.

      Give it a try, doesn't even need to be Industrie.

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        Cheers mate. I have the same issue too. Summer is the worst for me

  • went to grab some tonight all sols out.

    • You're about 5 days late for this.

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