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Beautiful Widgets Android App $0.99 Normally $2.69


Popular widget app Beautiful Widgets has gone on sale on the play store.
Normally $2.69, now 99c

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  • It's a temporary change, as part of the French Android Bundle
    GOes until the 18th Nov

  • Awesome app I get it for every app I set up… can't talk highly enough of it…

  • Thanks, bought. Where would I be without my Nexus 7 credit? :-)

  • These widgets are nice but if you have a HTC phone, I think the HTC Sense widgets are better. I have HTC Sense and this app, and HD Widgets.

    This is also good if you use a custom ROM that doesn't have nice Widgets included.

  • Can anyone tell me how big this app is installed? I currently use HD Widgets, it looks nice but it takes up 24 mb of space… Which is huge compared to the 80-90 or so mb I have free on a clean rom.

    edit: Just remembered it shows on the Play Store page, does it take up much extra space other than the 5.8 mb listed?