[Unobtainable Deal] $1 Medium Bubble Tea @ Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Australia

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It’s on Bubble Tea Day. Not sure what the exact details are but I’ve heard it’s only medium sizes and may only be select stores like World Square, Redfern and Mascot.

After some searching I found this post:

Mod Update: Link Updated, Locations as follows:

Available at CoCo's Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane

Mod: The revealed details are buy 1 Medium Bubble Tea and get a second for $1. The original deal of $1 Bubble Tea and what the votes were for, is unobtainable. Moved to forums. Users can repost the buy 1, get 1 for $1 as a new deal if they still wish.

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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Australia
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Australia


  • +7

    For normal milk tea this has to be the best tasting one

    • Agreed :)

    • 100%

    • +1

      Yeah nah, Pearl Milk Tea. Gotta have pearls to have bubbles for it to be bubble tea.

  • +2

    One thing about Sydney now is that there is a bubble tea store on every street

    • +2

      not just Sydney…
      in Springvale (Melbourne), there's 8 bubble tea franchises within 100m of one another.

      • +2

        Not just Aus…

        • +1

          I've heard they even have them in Taiwan!

  • Is it available in Adelaide? Taro milk tea with pearls or sago is the best!

  • -8

    Any micro plastic in it ?

    • +2

      source: me

    • +3

      What doesn't?

    • +6

      Micro plastic has lived with us for a long time.

      • +1

        AFAIK it is in everyday consumption at this moment and it is everywhere.

  • +2

    Any locations in Melbourne that honor this?

  • My local Coco has been closed perm xD Gong Cha is everywhere now.

    • Gong cha uses taro powder instead of actual taro

      • And Coco uses real actual taro? I'm not throwing shade, just really curious.

        • +1


        • Yes, the fresh taro drink you can get from Coco is called Fresh Taro Milk.

  • Are they in Brisbane?

  • Thanks OP.

  • How does one actually find a list of locations? Their website is down, can't see a list of locations on instagram…

  • +2

    From their Facebook: "Available at CoCo's Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane"

  • +1

    It looks like Melbourne is excluded from this.

    • Maybe OP could update post title with locations please? Eg: (Excl Melb)

      • +1

        Report -> title/description

  • +1

    Seems to be buy any drink off their menu, and then you get the $1 medium drink. Plus you have to do some CO hand sign


    • They're adding more and more conditions…

  • +1

    not a deal as we first thought then. Have to now buy a full-price milk tea and perform a stupid hand sign in order to score the 2nd for $1. Jerks!

  • +1

    No deal. update title please. buy one full price drink and get a medium bubble tea for $1. why to do some loving coco hand sign to claim

  • Get second one as a medium for $1 after throwing a gang sign. Pass.

  • Seems saved me from walking out. I'll pass

  • Maybe still a deal considering the price of milk tea these days, but another local coco offers buy 1 get 2 on Thursdays which is even slightly better.

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