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[Switch] Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy $24.73 (67% Off) @ Nintendo eShop


A decent discount for this release of the game, given that it only came out 3 months ago.

The Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection is also currently available again for $30.01 (67% off), containing both the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

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  • Are those bundles same games?

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      No, Apollo Justice is AA4-6, Turnabout Collection is AA1-3 and TGAA1-2.

  • is there any sequence on how to play it in the right order?

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      i think you'd want to play the AA series in order (from memory) so see Altashi's comment and do turnabout collection first.

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      Release order is:
      Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (1-3)
      Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (4-6)
      The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (spinoff, separate duology)

      I started with the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles though. It's completely standalone and is really well polished as its the newest set of games.

      Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection includes both the Phoenix Wright trilogy and the Great Ace Attorney duology, both of which is are a great place to start. And it's on sale for like $30 for the 5 games total which is a great deal.

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