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Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic 2200W Hair Dryer (Black) $154.27 Delivered @ Amazon DE via AU

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might be a nice gift for mum or the ladies or anyone with long hair for that matter.

prices online around $250-$325

78% 5 star ratings on amazon au out of 5012 reviews.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is it an EU power plug?

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    • dam good point!!! hmm i wouldnt recommend if i thought of this.. should i remove this post if i think that its not worth it? and how do i even do that?

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    Just use a decent adapter.

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      Don't use an adaptor unless you're actually travelling- these things draw 10A.

      Snip off the EU plug and put on a $5 AU plug from Bunnings or similar. Much safer electrical connections.

  • could do that true

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    bought this 6 years ago around $250-280 mark. used it almost everyday, still going strong
    Recommend for sure, also read somewhere when I was purchasing it has a Ferrari engine Lol
    or at least its motor is made by a company that makes motor/engine for Ferrari

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    I have the heavier version ( Parlux 3800) and highly recommend this brand. It’s going on 11 years and still going very strong with daily use. I think it was around the $250-300 mark back then.

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      Same. Mine is 3800 been going for 13 years, going strong, almost daily use. Beautiful red colour

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    Genuine question but I mean motors and heating elements dont really die easily or often, every cheap dryer ive ever known anyone has owned has lasted 5+ years so whats the difference between this and a $20 kmart hair dryer?

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      I've found cheap hairdryers also last forever, but one difference I've noticed is sound.

      Cheap hairdryers are loud AF, and are used right next to the ears. Once I had kids, I got more concerned with health stuff and figured years of having 90dB next to their heads every day for decades wouldn't be a good idea.

      As an adult, our senses are fairly dull. My kids used to flinch away from sounds like hairdryers and bathroom hand dryers.

      The much more expensive hairdryer I bought is noticeably quieter.

      Come to think of it, of all the cheap dryers my family has had, or my parents, we've never had a single one fail. The one at my parents' place is probably 20 years old.

      • Cheap / domestic ones don’t go as hot as Italian made hair dryer.

        • Have you measured this?

          Because hairdryers are rated by watts. Practically all that energy is converted to heat, because blowing a tiny little fan takes maybe 10W max.

          2000W cheap hairdryer and 2000W to expensive hairdryer are going to produce similar if not identical amounts of heat.

          And there's a limit to how hot you want a hairdrier- after a certain wattage you're going to start burning your hair or exceed the limits of your electrical wiring.

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    I bought one of these 5-6 years ago and as others have said - it's a greatttt hairdryer. It's actually a pretty standard salon hairdryer which was why I bought it.

  • These were the best of the best hairdryers before the Dyson models came along

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    My hairdresser worked in a few high end salons and only recommends Parlux brand. I've had one for 10+ years, still going strong. They also have a good noise dampener. Dyson are probably better but also much more exy.

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