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Cocobella Coconut Water Straight Up (6x1L) $15 ($13.50 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Looks like a nice price drop again by Amazon.

More than half price, save even more with Subscribe & Save.

Last time we saw this price was Prime Big Deal in October last year I believe.

Have a good night :)

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  • Thank OP got one.. these are the nicest tasting cocnut water..Could be fake who know… taste great though grabbed 2 x6 are the mango or watermelon any good?

    • +1

      I bought one watermelon this week to try, better than original flavour I feel

    • +1

      This taste much better IMO.

      Tipco Coconut Water, 1 l https://amzn.asia/d/0MWhVJv

      • Agreed

      • are they ever on discount? wouldn't mind trying

        • I think they were less than $2 each a few years ago. Selected Coles stores stock them in the Asian foods area.

      • Just came back to thank you, I ordered one and so much better. Don’t need to pay $6 anymore for fresh coconuts.

      • thanks for the share, I find Cocobella to be the best tasting from the supermarket but keen to try this now!

        • Yes, I agree that Cocobella is probably the best in the supermarket, but Tipoc is thr next level up imo

      • Just got this based on your recommendation, Enjoy it over the cocobella but it tastes a bit "too good and a touch too sweet" in comparison to a coconut. I feel like they possibly add something artificial into this to enhance the flavour.

        • Funny you say that I actually think the same! But its sugar level is fractionally less than Cocobella! I don't believe it haha!

          • @YasimKudomi Pape: It just tastes a bit too uniformly coconuty/sweet to what a natural coconut tastes like. I like it but would just pay the $2.50 for cocobella on sale.

            Have you had cocothumb by the way? They sometimes have it on sale at Harris Farm, those are great albeit not much liquid. Raw C used to also sell smaller drinking coconuts with a predrilled hole and a hard straw.

            • @ClintonL: Thanks for the recommendation, I have seen it a few times but yet to try it. Maybe I should.

    • Definitely not fake - I've had coconuts in Thailand and Vietnam that taste exactly like this.

      • Ah no wonder this tastes slightly different from the ones I have in India.

        • In my experience different countries' coconuts all taste different. Thailand and Vietnam have the sweetest and nicest tasting, Sri Lankan and Filipino I don't like so much.

          • @Flying Ace: I think taste is subjective, i prefer Indian ones anyday. I dont find cocobella much sweet at all.

          • @Flying Ace: Its true, i love coconuts in my face

      • No way. Just tried the cocobella coconut water and its not even in the same league as Thai/Malaysian fresh coconut.

        It's maybe 70% there. Cocobella is like water pretending to be coconut water

    • Could be fake who know…

      Didn't feel like 100% coconut water.

  • Anyone else get tingling in hands when drinking too much of this ?

    • My guess would be a potassium issue, eg eating a lot in diet and this puts you over.

    • -8

      Too much sugar for adults.
      It is good for kids only.

      • It has less sugar than fruit juices

      • +3

        Why is sugar "good" for kids but not adults? And how is 4.2g/100mL "too much" sugar?

      • People drink this because its low in sugar :)

  • Cool got the chocolate one. Its good stuff.

    • Chocolate is so good! Thought it would have a weird blend of flavours, but it just tastes like a good choc drink.

      • Just like a chocolate milkshake only coconutty.

  • +4

    Back to $14.85 S&S

    • Back to 13.50 now

      • Back to $14.85 again lol

  • 2.75$ a bottle at Coles right now.

  • -6

    Does coconut water make anyone else gag? I find it revolting.

    • +1

      Tastes better than beer

  • +1

    Available again

  • +2

    Nice deal, perfect for some smoothies

  • +1

    Made in Thailand. I think those ones in supermarket and made in Vietnam are much better. Real taste!

    • It's the other way around mate lol

  • +1

    Available once again

  • +1

    Available twice again

  • Still available…

  • Available again!

  • +2

    Available again

  • Available again

    (didn't check but didn't want to miss out on the commenting)

  • Why have the removed the S&S option?

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