Manchester United adidas Home Authentic Shirt 2023-24 $94 + $9.99 Delivery ($0 with $150 Order) @ Fanatics via rebelsport


Official Branded Product
Manchester United Teamwear
Condition: NEW
Officially licensed Mesh inserts on sides Ribbed crewneck

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    Made in China 2$

    • +9

      Can you post the link?

      • 1688 and

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        I brought mine from soccer03 took verryyy long time to arrives but pretty good quality for $10ish. Obs theyre not real replica, however very close to it and they have player version too, which in store mostly sold for $200+
        I belive they do source from china.

        Only buy if you don't support your team financially :p
        Not like they earn billions.

        • Sorry my bad not $10, its aprox $15-30 depending what jersey.

          only buy for team you dont support :p

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    I probably get injured wearing this.

  • +4

    I thought you wear swimmers when diving……………

  • +9

    Get Rashford's number on it and lose the ability to run.

    • Wherever i go on the internet I find Rashford haters smh…

  • +16

    Haha where’s the bargain? They should be paying people to wear these!

  • +3

    Overpriced Rag for the workshop.

  • +3

    Made in thailand? $30

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    I buy my bathroom mat from Kmart.

    • +2

      Ahh you are right, saw the other day kmart started selling liverpool gear.

  • +1

    I would be embarrassed wearing this. They got knocked out by Copenhagen in the ucl. 😂

  • +2

    Thanks op. I think it will be $50 next month. 😃

  • +3

    even as a United fan I have no temptation at all buying this…

  • +1

    expensive toilet paper

  • They probably need to pay buyers in order to clear the stocks from the stores.

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    Sales of these will plummet after Coventry work their Wembley magic tonight ⚽️ SBA

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    Absolute $hit$house this club is. It's never been more embarrassing to wear the kit. The lizard owners have milked the club dry. I can't remember the last time the kit price was this low in an ongoing season. So ashamed. The glazers should take their own life themselves. Absolutely disgusting lot them.

  • YANITED!!!

  • +1


    • we robbed them, feel bad for Coventry

    • How is United struggling against Coventry, we gonna get destroyed by Man C :(

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