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½ Price Dine Classic Cat Food (Assorted Varieties) 7x 85g $4.50 ($0.64ea) @ Coles



  • Dine Wet Cat Food Chicken Morsels In Jelly Tray | 85g
  • Dine Chicken Slices Wet Cat Food Tray | 85g
  • Dine Cuts In Gravy with Beef & Liver Wet Cat Food Tray | 85g
  • Dine Cuts In Gravy With Lamb Wet Cat Food Tray | 85g
  • Dine Saucy Morsels With Salmon Wet Cat Food Tray | 85g
  • Dine Wet Cat Food Tender Turkey Slices Tray | 85g
  • Dine Saucy Morsels With Tuna And Cheese Wet Cat Food Tray | 85g
  • Dine Cat Food Kitten Tender Chicken | 85g

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  • Is this any better than the canned stuff thats $8 for 4 cans?

    • I think it will depend on how fussy your cat is…ours is very, but loves these, so we just buy these (it's just easier). If your cat eats anything then I don't think it matters, and you can just buy whatever.

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      Yes! I've been on the lookout too, check out 'Paw and Spoon' from Pet Circle. Cashback promotions all the time you can get the prices to match Dine stuff but ingredients are much better, without weird filler stuff that Dine use.

      My cats love both.

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        Looking at the ingredients, they both look basically the same

        The Paw and Spoon Chunky Chicken in Jelly
        Chicken, Chicken broth, Artificial and Natural flavours, Vitamins and Minerals, Sunflower seed oil, Chicken oil, Carrageenan, Cassia gum, Xanthan gum, Taurine, Guar gum

        Dine Jelly Morsels with Chicken
        Meat including Chicken, Lamb and Beef; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; Flavours; Minerals; Taurine; Colours; Vitamins

        It'd be nice if Dine didn't colour the food (cats don't care what colour it is, they care what it smells like) and the whole farm wasn't in their 'chicken' product, but the collection of 'gums' in the paw and spoon stuff is simply gelling agents.

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          Colouring makes no sense to me, there's zero reason I don't get it. I don't get food manufacturing in a lot of instances, adding colouring and natural flavours to fruit snacks for example.

          But what I do find from just looking at them in the flesh, the Paw and Spoon stuff appears a bit more substantial in actual meat content… ie.. actually looks like chicken. The fact they list the specific gelling agents is a good sign on my end.

          Chicken broth being the second listed ingredient is also a win in my book.

          In a perfect world, I want to feed the cats the best stuff - ziwi peak, taste of the wild etc but it's just not feasible.

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            @Jopup: Colouring, flavouring, texture, ingredient lists, they're all marketing tools. Chicken broth could be incredibly salty. Chicken oil is… what exactly? What is better about specific gelling agents?

            Colouring in cat food is so people think they're giving their cat something better. Same with food for humans, we add colouring and flavours to fruit snacks because fruits are wildly varying in flavour levels, aren't always the colour we want (stick an apple in a blender, it will come out brown, not red).

            Only pro I can see is it promises more protein than Dine. I couldn't get my cat to eat Ziwi, she seems to love her junk food. It's everything she needs though, so her eating it is the important bit.

          • @Jopup: Colouring does make sense, it can change your perception of taste. Remember those hot jam donuts you probably ate as a kid that were filled with red jam that probably tasted like strawberry/rasberrry. Well thats actually an apple sauce dyed red. The saying you eat with your eyes holds true.

            Obviously cats probably aren't as fussy.

            • @Austrian Oak: The colouring isn’t for the animal, it’s for the human’s benefit.

    • Ask your cat.

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    My cat will eat most things, but only small quantities. These work better for me (less waste)

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    What a great price!!!! After cashbacks best we have had is around 80c

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    My cat loves dine. So i will be stocking up on it at half price. Never seen it less then $6

  • I'm Running low on fancy feast tins I usually buy from Amazon in bulk when reduced to around $21 box of 24. Got 7 boxes in January and haven't seen them on sale since then. Seems to be less specials on cat food this year.

  • Didn't know they do half price on this🥳

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