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50% off Specialty Coffee Blends: 1kg $25, 250g $9 + Delivery ($0 with $120 Order) @ The Coffee Conservatory


☕️ 50% off Coffee Blends (Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and the Sampler Pack)
☕️ 1kg = $25.00 was $50.00
☕️ 250g = $9.00 was $18.00
☕️ Shipping cost calculated at checkout and is subject to weight of parcel

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The Coffee Conservatory
The Coffee Conservatory

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    $14 shipping to Brisbane on a 1kg bag

    • +3

      A bit much, i would have tried them if postage wasnt ridiculous.

      • These guys can't seem to get it right for OzB engagement…

  • Hey guys, apologies we were in the middle of tranisitoning to a new shipping calculator and it seems there have been some incorrect information.

    Shipping for any 1kg bag falls within the $10.99 postage - please reload your browser to confirm.

  • Nice coffee

  • @Coffee Conservatory I still see full price? Interested in sampler pack but it shows $48

    • Hey there, that is odd. The discount price has already been applied. Sample pack should be $20.

      Can you try to clear the cache from your browser and try the link again? its all working fine for a few others and myself included.

  • Hey Rep

    What are the roast strength/level of these 3 blends ? Which is best suited to Espresso and/or Macchiato (and which is least suited) ? Thankyou

    • Hey there, all 3 blends are medium roasts. For espresso all 3 work fantastic, however the Athena works wonderfully if you drink with milk. The Artemis and Aphrodite is great for espresso on its own.

      1. Athena
      2. Aphrodite
      3. Artemis

      1. Artemis
      2. Aphrodite
      3. Athena

  • Roast dates? And what on earth is "nutty honey"?

      • lol, that link is literally nuts & honey combined.

    • Hey Gav,

      The coffee is freshly roasted and shipped just before the de-gassing process is completed to allow for the freshest coffee to your doorstep.

      Nutty honey is a unique and sweet honeylike flavour that gets extracted from our roasting process. Keen to hear what you think about it.

      • So 1 week after roasting then? Sweet & nutty are different taste profiles but you be you. ;)

        • Yes thats correct!

  • @Coffee Conservatory: do you offer delayed despatch please?

    • Please contact us directly for delayed dispatch enquiries, otherwise if you leave a note in the customer order we can accomodate.

      • Thanks!

  • Discount no longer showing

  • Paypal option seems to be borked.

  • Thanks guys, there were some website overload issues which is now resolved. Everything is back to normal now.

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