Scam SMS Not from "ShopBack"

Not sure which forum this belongs in…

I received an SMS this evening from a new number +992 70 214 0835 which appears to be from Tajikistan.
Bonus points if you know where that is, without having to look it up.

The SMS content was:
"Shopback: Hurry! Due to a system upgrade, some of your cashback rewards are about to expire. Activate them now by clicking" followed by a link…

The link checker decodes the link to be blah blah blah…
which is a "Welcome back!" login style page (with no branding), requesting your mobile number or email address

The domain was registered on 20 April 2024, but the registrant info is redacted…

So if you also get this SMS, its probably best to not click on the link

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    Shopback was fined last year for leaking piles of data (although breach was a few years ago, now I looked it up), I guess someone decided to put it to use.

  • appears to be from Tajikistan.

    Don't Jetstar fly to Dushanbe ?

  • As a general rule of thumb just don't click on anything unless you've recent established dealings with and are expecting a response. I'm forever asked to help parents/mates cos they clicked on something and now get pop-ups out the wazoo, those things have become pretty sophisticated and hard to distinguish even for those whom are cautious.

  • I got a similar text but the number starts with +63.

  • It's ok though, they offered you 50c "sorry" money…

  • Well..that's a novel twist on a shopback scam thread title…minus a few points for no mention of GC though.

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