Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) Car Hire - Europcar EV6 Vs SIXT Model Y

Both option are similarly priced with Child booster seat + Roadside Assist. Travel mainly around Melbourne maybe 200km radius at best so no issue about range or charging honestly. We already own a BYD Atto 3 and road trip a bit with it before so I know the drill.

Europcar EV6:
Looks like we are getting GT-Line AWD Model? Not really sure but specs shows 239kW and 510km range ~ GT-Line AWD Model, much better equipped than Model Y RWD (Panoramic Camera, Rear cross traffic alert, proper blind spot monitor and longer range etc.)
No Chargefox card for free charging like SIXT, no access to certain Super Charger.
Europcar itself is poorly reviewed compared to SIXT

Free charging from Chargefox card and access to more Super Charger.
I have test driven a Model Y RWD before, some elements aren't the best but we can get used to (no instrument cluster, rear cross traffic alert etc.)
More boot space than EV6, but we travel light anyway.
SIXT better reviewed than Europcar.

What do you think? Can anyone confirm what model EV6 did they get from Europcar? Specs sheet looks like GT-Line AWD which would be really great.

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  • Think SIXT sounds like a better proposition. I’d take a model Y over the Kia any day, especially with the free charging.

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      The issue with Model Y rent is we get a crappy NFC card and not a key. Can we at least pair phone to car to use it as smart key though? I'm under impression that you can't as that's locked to Tesla account?

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        That's the issue?

      • What’s wrong with the card? Way easier to carry around

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    It’s a car to tootle around Melbourne for 200km? You are overthinking this, get the cheapest. Or, in fact, get the next model down as both these cars are quite big and a smaller car is much more enjoyable in a city

    If you just want to test drive them or actually need the space, some reports have the Kia front headroom as a bit limited and rear visibility not great. However the Y has terrible rear visibility (of course both have cameras)

    • We do need the space, both are a lot cheaper than say a RAV4 or similar ICE/Hybrid. I'm also looking for feedback of Europcar vs SIXT, SIXT Melbourne airport in particular seems to be better received but the EV6 is approx $100 cheaper.

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        EV6 is approx $100 cheaper.

        Decision made, #endthread

        • Yep, just canceled the SIXT booking now. Still would like to hear about Europcar vs SIXT.

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    its a hire car who cares? Both of them will do the same job

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    It's a rental car, who cares.

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    What do you think?

    I think some can't make a simplistic decisions wituout someone else holding their hands.

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    Can anyone confirm what model EV6 did they get from Europcar?

    Its'll be the base model, just like you get the base model Y from sixt.

    Rear cross traffic alert

    You seem to be really stuck on this feature. Most cars haven't had it for decades and we all managed to back in and out. That is what eyes are for :)

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      It said GT-Line or similar model though, so not base model. In regards to RCTA, why not? Most modern car has it.

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        In regards to RCTA, why not? Most modern car has it.

        Because people drove without RCTA for decades…. That is what your eyes are for. So if the car has it, then cool. If not, then also cool. It shouldn't be a make or break thing for a HIRE car.

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        Mate, you hiring the car, not buying it. Just hire it and enjoy your holiday.
        Hopefully their aren't many life challenges in your short holiday.

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          Just hire it and enjoy your holiday.

          In Melbourne?

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