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3M Respirator $58.55 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU

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Useful for DIY painting projects (or pandemic). Bunnings has it for $108.80.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can you price match at Bunnings?

    • They generally don't unless it says sold by Amazon AU

      • Thanks. That’s becoming a standard now, isn’t it.

  • +1

    got one for the next pandemic when it turns us all into zombies

    • I thought that spreads by biting? Or are you planning to put that on the zombie?

  • +5

    Working for an industrial company years ago, i reviewed available 3M products in Australia, vs our USA counterparts.
    Turns out they only import a small fraction of items with high margins and claim the other items are unavailable as they dont meet aus certification etc, in reality they never got them tested so can use that tag line… (which would pass easily).

    ended up importing a container load from the US instead, saved a truck load of money.

    • +1

      What specifically did you get that might be handy to the home Reno punter? My concern would be finding filters that fit it's already confusing with the 3m masks we have here.

      • was looking at welding stuff and air masks etc

        Filters matched and was significantly cheaper, but as they only brought in certain types, they keep it quite controlled

  • how much for filter replacements?

    • Depends which ones you go for since there's many different types for different gases, but you can get the same cartridges at Bunnings for about $20. The 'better' ones are $45.

  • good timing for a DIY project, thanks OP

  • Is this good for diy welding? Or any recommendations for welding?
    Thanks heaps

  • How is sizing as it is only Medium?

    • +1

      It depends on your face.

      I bought the large one for about US$21 back in 2016:

      The large one fits my relatively big head comfortably.

      I've been using it for years with various filters. It's comfortable for hours

      A full face respirator is probably the way to go though to help keep dust (e.g. metal shavings from grinding) out of your eyes.

    • +1

      I'm 6'2" about 90kg and I think a regular size head for my frame but I find the medium really annoying to use for long periods. Have been looking to upgrade to large but local Bunnies never stock them.

  • (or pandemic).

    Thanks. Got three; one for myself, one for my wife and one for her boyfriend.

    • +1

      You're too clever for all of us right champ? Just like Trumpy… stuff science, just go drink bleach right?

      Well because you don't believe in science, Darwin's Theory shouldn't bother you too much… which is great news for the rest of us!

      • -2

        Who mentioned Trump? Lol trump derangement syndrome is strong with this one

    • -1

      It helps you stop chroming fumes etc, good for retaining brain function.

      Regrettably you might be a bit late to get benefit from this…

      • -4

        But that's not why you or the other Branch covidians would buy it, is it?

  • i have this a slightly cheaper Chinese copy from eBay.
    The M3 one is more comfortable, the silicon is softer and makes better contact.
    If I had to buy a third one, I'd buy the M3 again.

  • +3

    Highly recommend. It's comfortable to wear for hours while working on DIY projects. I tend to take breaks every 2 hours and wipe the condensation out.

    I kind of wish that I bought a full face respirator and had it fitted professionally.

    By the time I put goggles over my prescription glasses, which are already balancing awkwardly above the top of this half face respirator, I might as well have bought a full face respirator. The respirator is comfortable. The goggles + glasses setup is awkward.

    • +1

      great advice… thank you.

  • +1

    Imho, worth the extra $20 or so for the version with the quick release that lets it hang below your chin without removing it. I use mine for welding and woodwork for hours and find it comfortable.

  • Noob question here, I need to get in roof space to check the pink batts and heater ducts, will I need something like this or overkill and not needed?

    • +1

      i just hold my breath if it is a quick run. but otherwise, yes.

    • +1

      Even just large amounts of normal dust can trigger/hurt some people, $50 to not have lung cancer and be extra safe is worth it, always minimize risk its your body.

      • +1

        not like it's single use only either

    • +1

      A good fitting P2 will do dust just fine. This mask is definitely overkill for dust and fibre particles.
      How long/often will you be up there?

      • Enough to check if ducts are in place or need to be patched up

        • Wait, does that mean I will need goggles as well 😳
          And does M size women’s fit a bloke with a big noggin?

          • +1

            @greenlantern: Big scone? Defo go Large. See my comment above.

            7502 = M
            7503 = L

            Never seen a Small, but assume 7501.

  • Are there models that comes integrated with the goggles?

  • Will this filter asbestos?

  • The Chinese domestic market 3M masks are much cheaper. They're genuine 3M just priced for lower income countries such as China. Bought mine from eBay previously

    • +1


    • +2

      I believe the one you linked is the 6200 model and this one is the 7502. Also, I don't think the linked one is a legitimate 3M product. I have purchased those from Taobao.com directly from reputable resellers and the cost is around $30 for the 6200 and about $40 for the 7502 combo. For $15, I'm not sure what kind of quality you will be getting. The 7502 is significantly more comfortable to wear because the material is more skin-friendly.

  • Would this mask be overkill/suitable for airbrushing using acrylic paints? Not sure which 3M filters are actually suitable for model painting using acrylic paints in particular.

    • +1

      It would definitely be suitable as the first thing on the package description says Paint Protection (for certain types), whether it would be overkill is dependant on your risk tolerance

  • -1

    I feel like this is overkill for most people. Pro's - yeah definitely. But DIY, say where you're cutting a piece of MDF, or climbing in the roof for 15 minutes, or spraying something with a can of spray paint - I think standard masks would be fine. Am I wrong?

    • +1

      Definitely not overkill. I use this when spraying insecticide around the outside of my house i.e. The consumer grade surface spray. If I don't wear this it irritates the crap out of me.

    • +1

      It isn't overkill until you wish you had worn it when cutting that MDF after getting lung irritation from the resin that you powdered and aerosolised when cutting with a drop saw.

    • +1

      Not overkill. This creates a much better seal than a paper mask + more comfortable.
      Also the filter is for vapour/gas + particulate which can't be achieved without a proper seal.

      And its reusable, you can buy the different parts separately, like the band.

      • Thanks. I missed it anyway, OOS.

  • Expiration date? curious to know if can be stored for next pandemic?

    • +1

      If you don't open it and it remains sealed, should be fine for Covid28.

  • +1

    Back in stock and 6c cheaper.

  • Mine just got cancelled and refunded

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