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Crayola Colours of The World Crayons 24-Pack $1 @ Amazon AU (Sold Out) / Free C&C Only @ Target


Stay safe, and enjoy :)

The Crayola Colours of The World crayon pack includes 24 specially formulated skin coloured Crayons to represent the diversity of the world. Colours of the World fall into three main shades: Almond, Golden and Rose - and all the darker or lighter shades in between.

  • Amazon link here (sold out 1pm AEST).
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  • +6

    Is this product serious 😂😂😂

    • +6

      Reason they are $1, is no-one has been buying them. Not surprising

    • I mean, people do have different skin colours, and Crayola have long been lambasted for not representing those colours in their skin colour themed packs.

  • +8

    When I was a kid I'd just draw people with the blue crayon.

    • +5
    • +3

      Daba dee daba die

      • The first single I ever bought. And the last.

    • -2

      That's offensive and racist.
      I have applied for your cancellation.

  • +6

    “light golden, deep almond and medium deep rose” refers to women’s makeup foundation colours or blushers sold by beauty companies!

    This product was meant to be sold exclusively in the USA only … but it looks like they weren't making enough sales so they have sent them to Australia lol

    I also find it interesting .. you can draw people .. but you can't draw them with blue or green eyes because those colours aren't in this pack!! Smart move Crayola .. make people have 2 buy 2 packets of crayons because there isn't enough colours to do this … you also can't draw grass or the sky or anything else

    and I think it's interesting that they moved away from the words "brown" and "white" .. and what about our African friends who are almost - dare I say - "black" … the deepest almond wouldn't be able to draw them ..

    • Niche market, inclusive product that excludes blacks and whites

      Colours of the World fall into three main shades: Almond, Golden and Rose - and all the darker or lighter shades in between.

  • +7

    I like it, usually kids don't care what colour crayons they're using so for $1 its a bargain, grabbed 5.

  • Grabbed 2 to persue my artist dream

    • +3

      I hope your wife is as supportive as mine. She framed my hand turkey

      • @Clear
        where's the photo of it framed on the wall .. or it never happened ;)

        • +2

          I haven't been home in weeks 😜

  • +1

    Seriously!! who thought of this product

    • -2

      This is 2024… wokeness is still hanging in there.

      • +6

        Product was first launched in 1992

    • -3

      The Greens

  • Bought 5

  • Why no yellow ?

    • +2

      ooo.. that's so Racist!!

    • You mean Asian?

      • +5

        I think they mean Simpsons.

  • On a serious note. We can dye our hair, change the colour of our eyes, change our pronouns and even our gender. How long till we can take a pill to change our skin colour to any colour we want? Yes I know there was that silly woman that took a pill that darkened her skin to ridiculous levels but I am wondering more about colours like blue, green etc. Surely thats the next form of individual expression due?

  • -3

    This world is far too complex. How are kids not meant to lose their minds when everything is overly complicated.

  • -6

    Woke crayons

    • +3

      Fellas is it woke to have melanin?

      • drinking bleach to own… myself. Yeah!

  • Amazon back in stock.

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