How to Use Up $90 Harvey Normal Voucher in 1 Month?

Thanks to the recent deal I now have a $90 voucher expiring shortly.

But in general HN seems pretty expensive for everything and can't think of anything I particularly need. Any ideas??

I did see 6KG of Omo laundry powder for $50…

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Buy 12KG of Omo laundry powder for $10 out of pocket.

    • I sure might. It's the same price as Colesworth 2kg when half price.

    • Omo is $60 for 10kg in Costco, $100 for 12kg is not value at all.

      Checkout other Harvey, they sometimes has different specials. If you close up, Castle Hill one has good specials.

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    If you need earbuds:…
    $98, currently 50% off

    Did they give you exactly 10% of the price ($89.80 if the Pixel 8 256GB is what you bought) or round it to $90?

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      Exactly 10% so year it's $89.80

      Unfortunately I have pretty waxy ears so I avoid earbuds in favour of headphones

  • I bought a portable heater with our gift card. Going to use when camping at caravan parks.

  • From where you got this voucher ? I am need of few discounted giftcards.

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    Printer ink. A cushion. Wine glasses. Medicine ball. Mouse.

    The price doesn’t really matter, you have a gift voucher so it’s essentially free. Just because you can get the same thing for a lower price at Costco doesn’t mean it’s ‘cheaper’, because one store means you have to spend cash and the other won’t cost you anything

  • If you have a Miele vacuum, the bags and filters

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    Harvey Norman price matches too thus take advantage of this.

  • Buy a big bag of dog food for poor Gerry!!!

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