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Macpac Men's Halo Down Jacket $99 + $10 Delivery (Free Delivery over $100) @ Macpac


This legendary jacket is a toasty winter staple. Made with responsibly sourced down, recycled main and lining fabric with a PFC-free water repellent finish.

Wow, time for the annual Macpac Halo post. All sizes available at time of writing. Looks like the navy is available in all sizes, with the orange-y one available in size M up. The greeny-grey colour is only available in the 4XL.

Free shipping orders over $100. Cheapest widely-useful thing on the site seems to be this ice pack for $4.50. If you're a real scrooge you could add a single tent peg for $1.99. There's also some cheap camping auxiliaries at under $10 that might be useful for some (spork, anyone?).

I don't even own one of these, I can't wear the puffy I do own in Sydney, it's never cold enough. I was looking at some of their new arrival fleeces and saw the Halo jackets on sale. My partner has a longline one and it seems to be pretty bloody great in terms of warmth and comfort, quality seems fine but hard to say.

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    No hood no deal

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      Each to his own! I can't stand hoods personally.

      • Sure I dont like my ear freezing…. under hood, warm and cozy

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          Just chuck a hoody underneath

        • +7

          Hats or beanies. Less bulk, and you don't have to worry about washing hair oils out of a down jacket.

          The only jackets I've ever bought with hoods are serious outdoorsy ones that will fit over a helmet.

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            @rumblytangara: i wear my icebreaker merino beanie everywhere. never smells, very warm, light and compact easy to keep in pocket until needed. id take this anyday over a built in hood

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              @perfectlydark: Please share the link

            • +3

              @perfectlydark: Every time there's a post for one of these jackets, there's a "cannae do without hood!" and every time I think "ick that's revolting."

              Cleaning down properly is a PITA and not good for it, and I doubt that people are gently hand washing their down jackets with specialist cleaning products on a semi-regular basis. So they're wearing manky hair oil on their jackets for years.

              A beanie is so much easier.

            • +1

              @perfectlydark: Me too. Love my icebreaker beanie

      • +1

        The hood creates a micro-climate around the head, back of neck & ears area.

        With a down-filled hood, it's even more comfort :-)

        • +2

          Oh I'm aware. That's my own personal hell haha.

    • +8

      The hooded version is also on sale for $129.

    • Definitely agree - regret buying the non hooded version.

      • How come?

        • My use case for this jacket is usually camping as I'm in Brisbane and hoodies normally suffice day to day. It's soooo much warmer with the neck covered with down as well. Obviously there are ample alternatives to a hood - but I wish I had one.

          • @Hinee: Ahhhh ICIC. I am having a hard time deciding rn. I currently own a Patagonia puffer, with a hood that can be zipped up. How would that compare to this? Only if you know.

  • I got two. A sleeveless and a another.

  • Any major difference in Uber light down and Halo down in terms of quality and fit?

    • +2

      Uber has less filling

    • +1

      My wife has the Uber that packs down to roughly half the size of my Halo. Can’t comment on quality and fit, but is definitely not as warm as the Halo.

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    8% discount gift vouchers at Bupa

  • How do the new versions fit and how's the quality compared to V1? For the V1, you usually had to go down 1 or 2 sizes.

  • People that have this jacket - what's the best way to wash it. Can it go in the washing machine?

    • +1

      I handwash mine, Putin spinning mode in washing machine and dry outside for 2-3 days.

      • +3

        Washing machine has a "Putin spinning mode" ?!?

        • Sorry. Threw inside washing machine in spinning mode and after that air dry.

      • One might call this a 3 day special operation

    • +2


      Washing machine would be… acceptable for a cheap, sewn-through jacket like the Halo. Would never do it on a higher quality baffled jacket as the internal baffles could tear out.

      You should use down-specific detergent or pure soap, not the usual shit for washing machines which is full of conditioning agents to make up for the harsh chemicals that will strip the natural oils out of the down.

    • +3

      Washing machine using delicates or hand wash setting and then dryer - trying to air dry is a pain (although it’s possible). Have washed my son’s Halo jacket many times (teenage boy clothing needs washing!)

      Use a special down washing liquid, all the outdoor shops/amazon have it.

      Have used tennis balls in the dryer )said to break up the down clumps) and no tennis balls, haven’t noticed a difference

    • +1

      I washed no detergent and it took off the mud/stains when I went on a bush walk in the mountains during rainy season. Then into dryer low heat with tennis balls worked really well.

  • Aww, it doesn't come in white or black :c

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    Also - don't forget TCN GF "10% off equivalent" at Ww from Wed includes Macpac.

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    How has this managed to dodge inflation.

    • +6

      because its 'down'

      • As a duck relative he probably doesn't like to think about it.

        Speaking of down, down, da da da - any reason why Coles has shelved the ad? Off the top of my head I can't think of any.

  • Picked up a couple of these jackets yesterday and some other clearance stuff. Very limited stock in my local store.

  • Heading to New York for Christmas, would the Halo be suitable? Thinking I may need something with better water proofing as I've read while it's unlikely to snow, it could certainly rain.

    • +1

      Most of these "water repellant" down jackets are strictly for light showers and/or very short exposure to moderate rain.

    • +1

      Unless you are insulated like the Michelin Man, then no.

      You could get away with it in the sunshine on a warmer day with no wind, but as the only insulation layer at -15C at night with the wind blasting down the long straight streets, it would make a decent middle layer.

    • +1

      I have been in NY over christmas and the Halo, of itself, is not sufficient. However, if you have some uniqlo heat tech undershirts, a good warm shirt (flannie etc) and a fleece top and then the Halo over it all (plus beanie and gloves) its fine. It might rain but just use an umbrella.

  • It seems that medium size is not available at any of Melbourne stores.

    • +1

      Check BCF

    • Haha I want to return my medium as it’s a bit too big! I’m in Melbourne!

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  • thanks, it’s free delivery with $99.
    Uniqlo is currently doing sell with it’s down jackets both light and heavy for same prices, but after comparing I found this one to be better, although color options are poor.

  • +1

    Thanks OP,
    Confirming free delivery without adding any other items.

  • Does anyone know if they're going to have an EOFY discounts anytime soon?

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