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Huawei Freebuds SE 2 Wireless Earbuds US$23.43 (~A$35.33) Delivered @ Factory Direct Collected Store AliExpress


One for those who don't like in-ears.

The app is not on the Play store so Android users will need to sideload if they want it.


Edit: Found it cheaper from another seller, a little cheaper US$22.96/A$34.63 if you have coins (free to collect). Can also be combined with current coupons if you're buying more stuff.

Original seller link

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    There's lots of fake ones around. I'd be a bit suspect at this price, and coming from AliExpress. Anyone biting this deal ?

    • Of this model? I couldn't find anything online, the ones in the review in the description were purchased from AliExpress.

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        I bought the Huawei ones that have the same ear-shape, with mic, and inline controls. But corded, not wireless. That's exactly what I wanted.

        The seller sent me those, but upon inspection against a genuine pair, the ones I bought for like $20 turned out to be knock-off ones.

        Pretty good knock-offs, like you wouldn't tell the difference. I tried the genuine ones, and they sounded much better. Wouldn't have known otherwise, lucky I had something to compare it to.

        • Did you buy from the same seller (Cutesliving)?

        • Interesting, I had no idea there were Huawei knock-offs.

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            @Hiphopopotamus: Yeah, it's China. They don't just knockoff the stuff from other nations, they're just as bad for each other. Anything goes. It's one of the reasons they don't follow the rules, so they can block other Chinese people from copying their work. Very ironic.

            For example, the decades long International GPL violations from MediaTek, to keep their source away from others, especially kernels, drivers, and documentation. It's why XDA-developers have gotten ticked off over the years, and is a shell of its former self.

            Fun fact: I remember years ago there was a startup that was making knock-off OPPO phones. And they stole the logo and everything but instead named it "POOP" phones. Fact is stranger than fiction.

            • @Kangal: I was aware of the rampant fakes and stuff in China, but for some reason I didn't expect items like these earbuds to be included. It makes perfect sense though.

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      I got these from same store a few weeks back (after seeing review on Scarbir). I've got a bunch of different models to compare with (Soundpeats Air3 Deluxe, Soudpeats Life, Baseus Bowie M2s, Soundcore Space A40s, Moripods …. - all for different uses) I can't say if these are fake or not, but I really like them for what they are. They are a good replacement for my Moripods (which i originally bought based on a Scarbir review years ago), with much better battery life and good sound quality (admittedly i typically use for Podcasts).

  • Come all together +tax is US25.33. not sure if I missed anything

    • Use the OzBargain link.

      • Right I was looking at this before so even click on the link still refer me to the normal product page. This one is super deal. Looks good to me now after close everything. Thanks

  • This costs around 30 dollars in Indonesia. So, it's a possibility this is genuine…

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    Good deal if they are real

  • Is it one per account?

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    Am considering buying but am worried they will send me some cheap USA knockoff..

  • In the scarbir review, he confirmed bought it for $25. He also post the review on aliexpress product page as well. Bought 1

  • One for those who don't like in-ears.

    Am I missing something OP or is it too early? 🤔😅 Are these not ear phones/buds?

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      These are 'semi in-ear' (according to the product page).

      Not sure what it means though.

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        I think it means the style without rubber tips, which some of us simply cannot use.

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          I am one of them, I bought like dozen of earbuds with rubber tips in past 10 years including Airpods pro, Sony 1000xm3, cheap ones from Ankor, Soundcore, Jebra and nothing stays in my ears. Bone conduction headset from shokz have been my go to for past 6 years and I will stick with for foreseeable future. BTW Only earbuds I can use are from Bose quiet comfort earbuds with wingtips, those don't fall.

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            @V003: SAME. We have the same story. I had Galaxy Buds Pro which were otherwise fantastic, Anker Soundcores, Nothing Buds, some other cheap brands.. I tried so many… it doesn't matter. The ones with rubber tips do not stay in my ears. Never. Nor do I like the feeling of them anyway. And if you replace the rubber tips with memory foam or something, now they don't fit in the charging case. They simply have to be the solid plastic style with vertical shaft outside the ear.

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      I think OP means rubber tip style. For some of us those just don't stay in our ears.

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    Huawei? No, thanks.

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    From Item Description: "Propaganda name: Huawei Freebuds SE 2"

    • -1

      That's very funny. Gonna trigger the sinophobes in a big way.

      • Actually I wish I hadn't posted that. I live 5 mins away from the Chinese embassy here in Chrsitchurch. I will be having nightmares about being "taken out" by someone arriving in a Build Your Dreams car

        • Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not coming to get you…

          While it's almost certainly a translation mistake it's very very good.

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    Thankyou. I've tried all sorts of in ears (style with the rubber tips) from cheapo to Galaxy Buds Pro and NONE of them stay in my ears. I know that's the opposite experience of some people but it's true. Plus they're uncomfortable.

    Yes I have tried changing the tip size.

    My only choice is this increasingly rare rubber-tip-free design. So far I've just been buying a new pair of Soundpeats TrueAir 2 every 6 months or so when they break. Might be worth picking up a pair of these.

    • I'm still using the same pair of true air 2 I got 2.5 years ago. Do you chew on yours?

      • No :/ they're great they just fail easily. E.g. one bud stops working. I do use them alot, have them in about 8 hours a day, playing audio maybe 5 of that.

        • I get that sometimes, one bud not working. Have to put the back in the case and try again, sorry of finicky but not broken.
          Pretty good for the price though.

          • @reactor-au: Yeah nothing worked to fix mine when that happened (twice), tried everything.

            I still think buying these every 6 months is cheaper than buying Airpods every 2 years (which is how long the battery in mine lasted).

            • @MrMcHairyHead: Maybe you've got really big holes for your ear canals? Have you tried XXL size tips?

              • @clubhonda: I've tried changing tips, including all included sizes, and custom ones, and it helps, but there are still problems:

                • It improves the problem, but doesn't fix it. For example, on the Nothing Buds, it was enough to significantly reduce instances of them falling on the floor, but they still fell enough out of my ear that the audio went bad, and if not pushed in they'd eventually drop.

                • They no longer fit in the case, so you cannot charge them without taking the tips off every time (not only tedious but disgusting and unhygienic), and your phone will keep playing audio thru them when they're not in your ears. If I cut them down so much this isn't a problem, it defeats the purpose as now they'll fall out of my ears again.

                • They're still uncomfortable. I just HATE the feeling of that rubber\foam pressing in all directions in my ear. It's gross. I don't like it. I'd rather live with lower audio quality than that feeling and all the earwax that gets all over tht kind of earbuds.

                I do admit the sound quality on my Galaxy Buds 2 was the best, but when they're on the floor instead of in your ears the sound quality is zero.

                Solid tips are fine, just nobody makes them anymore. Notably Apple still does, but only on the non-pro, lightning charging (ew) Airpods, which are too expensive for a device with a 2 year battery lifespan, and I wouldn't be surprised if they change to rubber tips when they change them to USB-C.

  • Bigw sells them for $99 I thought I got a good deal when I snagged them for half price :( , upside is the sound quality and battery life is extremely good for what I paid for them.

    • Are they on par with Airpods for sound quality?

      • I’d rank them pretty close, the AirPods are bettter, but the price difference for a slight step up wasn’t work the extra $150 for me

  • Are they on a par with Apple AirPods 2nd Gen?

  • These cant be real? Anyone can confirm they are not fake?

    • Seems legit - RRP listing was ~$106 AUD and it looks like this is part of the "Choice Day Super Deals" that ends on 8 May.

    • RRP at release in China was 179 CNY and that's about US$25.30 USD. No red flags in this deal.

  • +1

    These are really good for the price.
    I bought them for about $42 from AliExpress for my old man.
    Tested them out for a few days before passing them to him.

    It’s actually amazing the kind of fidelity and functionality you can get under $100 these days from IEMs and TWS offerings.

  • Thanks op. Got 1 for the missus who hates in ears

  • Tks, Got one as spare for my QCY T13

  • Worth mentioning that the terms and conditions for installing the Huawei AI Life app specifically allows them to collect your wifi router password.

    Was reinstalling the app for my freebuds pro 2 the other day and was like, WTF!?

    • Install from GooglePlay NetGuard apk, it allows to restrict any applications to use the internet. No info will pass to the internet without your permission.
      Definitely works as should.

  • Add headphones to cart first.
    It is cheaper on app If you go to coins -> discount finder. I am getting final price as US$22.76 Shipped.

    Final price

  • Do they work with iPhones?

  • +1

    If you just want the headphones, they're barely more at the original Cutesliving now after Choice Day. No longer on SuperDeals so use a normal link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006421081434.html or just search. As ace310 mention, best deal for buying by themselves is to add to cart then get them to show up in your coins deals since you should get 12% instead of the 2%.

    (Note that both Cutesliving and Factory Direct are AliExpress's own stores and sell nearly all the exact same items, I'm fairly sure the exact same stock so I doubt there's any difference which one you chose. If you want other items it can get complicated during sales since there are coupons and also these and quite a few items were on buy 2 get 5% and buy 3 get 10% so if you could find 3 items you wanted that were a good price at Factory Direct it might have been better to do that instead of the coins deal.)

    • Weird, despite going down twice, it came off Big Save maybe 2-3 hours after changeover on Cutiesliving and so gone up a lot.

  • Took advantage of this deal. Been 2 weeks now and I have to say these a brilliant. I use them with an iphone. Well made, good audio for phone calls and podcasts, and tgey seem to last for ages. Less than have the price kf apple airpods!

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