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Bellbird Glamping Tent $275.97 Delivered / MEL C&C @ explore planet earth


Looks like a good deal. Flag me if you find better deals.

Product Info:
Enjoy glamping in comfort and style. The 4m diameter Explore Planet Earth Bellbird Glamping Tent is perfect for a couple or family wishing to have some amazing adventures. It is portable, easy to pack away, and is a perfect tent which can be pitched in minutes. It offers the perfect camping hang out with a relaxing airy space. The walls can be rolled up, giving you breezy shade during the day. It will fit a queen mattress easily or as many as 8 single mattresses.

Key Features:
“Shade Coat” 300D polyester seam sealed fabric works best to absorbs heat during the day and keeps warmth in at night

With heavy duty PE floor

2 windows with No-Seeum mesh

Gable shaped entrance for easy access

2000mm Double coated aqua rating with fire retardant and SPF50 UV coating

One room: Multi-purpose space

5 Air ventilation ports, including roof ventilation

Bug screened doors

Accessory pockets and power cord inlet

Warranty: 3 Years

Size (m): 4.0 x 4.0 x 2.5

Weight: 11.4kg

Fits: 8 PEOPLE

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    Housing crisis solved

  • Coming soon to a university campus near you:


  • +3

    what exactly makes this glamping? i know cheaper tents that are bigger and easier to put up then this one.

    • Big, heavy and you can stand lol

    • +1

      I'm going to guess the huge opening which is great for photos and also letting bugs in.

  • Wonder how this holds up in heavy winds

    • -3

      Your wife enjoys bbq’ing too, eh?

      Romantic “glamping” my arse…

    • +2

      Looks like it would blow away in light breeze if you ask me.

      • +2

        After a meal of scramble eggs and baked beans and exposed light candle we can confirm lift off…..

      • Yeah same

  • 11.4kg


    • +1

      That's light tbh….the popular Coleman Instant Up Darkroom 10P weights like 30kg, albeit with a higher person capacity

  • This looks absolutely terrible in terms of weight, structure and everything else. Would recommend avoiding if you are a noob at camping

  • Needs more ropes if you ask me

  • +2

    I have this tent! (My first tent). It's extremely easy to setup, can get it done in 30 mins once you have it down pat. Holds up well in strong winds, fits a queen size air bed with plenty of room to spare. Packs away nicely as well. Would recommend this.

    • +2

      30 mins is a long time to put up a tent, especially if this is after you already know how to like to say.

      My one takes less than 5 minutes, and that is me taking my time. At times drunk.

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    Man there's some truly uninformed opinions in this thread. I have a canvas bell tent and they are such a fantastic design. An absolute piece of piss to erect even for one person. All you do is peg out the base, put the middle pole up then do your guy ropes. I'd trust these any day over a dome tent with fibreglass poles

    • +2

      yes I agree. Its 8ppl worth of space for $250, fully enclosed, will fit in any sedan's boot with the rest of the camping gear, the light, neutral colour is good for winter and it has a small footprint relative to space. This would be good fun in a nice quiet spot.

      Pyramid tarps are still a popular design for many adventurers because they are light and shed wind and snow in all directions. Not common in Australia but there's nothing wrong with the design.

  • Fits: 8 PEOPLE

    So the real fit is divide by 2 or 3?

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