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[QLD] Free RACQ Membership with RACQ Bank Account @ RACQ Bank


This is certainly not a new deal… been around for ages, and the last post was in 2019.

Please note that this free membership DOES NOT include roadside assist, but includes access to their dining and entertainment discounts.

A bit like the free NRMA membership for 12 months some time ago. Good thing RACQ everyday account has no fees.

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    Then you can buy their insurance and watch it go up 30% every year

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      Bigger number equals better right?

    • Has any insurance company NOT increased their premiums by huge amounts?

  • Anything similar for Vic?

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      you got to be kidding.. you didn't see the budget deficit.. nothing will be free in VIC!

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        Haha yeah how many people are facepalming themselves after revoting that clown Andrew’s back in

  • Really good discounts at Event Cinemas, looks to be around 40% off across most tickets.

  • Show your membership card to get 4c off a litre at Caltex. I opened an RACQ bank account just to get the membership card.

    • 4c off a litre at Caltex.

      Is that all Caltex stations? I thought only the Caltex petrol stations that were previously Puma had the 4c discount.

      Choice petrol stations also have the 4c discount, and Pacific Petroleum may still have it, they were previously listed on the RACQ website but seem to have disappeared from the list.

      Also, I scanned the barcode on my card into my phone, and just show that when I go to my local Caltex. They accept it with no questions, but YMMV. If you need an app to store barcodes on your phone, search for "Loyalty Card Keychain" on Google Play, it has minimal permissions and just works.

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        It should be most (participating) Caltex stations. I'm assuming the exclusions are a small number of franchisees, plus the NT/regional WA/regional Victoria Caltex stations that are run by OTR/Viva

        (The future of the NT & OTR Caltex stations are another question entirely due to the Viva/OTR merger/takeover).


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