Viva Paper Towel, White 12-Pack $16 ($1.33/Roll, $14.40 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Just received a Camel's alert! Back at this decent price!

About this item

  • Viva Multi-Use Cleaning Towel - A Versatile, Absorbent And Durable Towel Ideal For A Wide Range Of Cleaning Jobs, Length Of The Paper Towel: 21Cm

  • Using Unique Technology Viva Cleaning Towel Has Deep Wave-Like Channels Within The Sheet To Provide All-In-One Absorbency, Thickness And Toughness

  • Package Weight: 4.0 kg

  • Country of Origin: Australia


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Wasn't it $14.40 ($1.20/Roll, $12.96 S&S) before?

  • +1

    10% more than last month..

  • +2

    Handee Ultra White Paper Towel…
    S&S: $21 for 24 rolls
    one off $24
    Viva seems to be a bit better in quality though

    • Viva much stronger though, worth a tad more.

  • +2

    Does Anyone know the Costco Price for this one?

    • +1

      Don't recall the pricing but last time I checked I could only find the ones with double quatity per roll.

    • +1

      About $26 for 12 rolls of the double length ones.

    • Woolies was $4.50 for 8 pack ladt week

  • +1

    Last month this paper towel was charged me around $23, so I cancelled my subscription.

    • +8

      Always cancel subscriptions! Once you get the first delivery, that should remind you to cancel. It's never good value to leave them going… and I always select 6 months as frequency just in case I forget to do it straight away.

      • Yep.

        I always wonder if they will flag my account for doing that but I doubt Amazon will care over a couple of bucks.

      • Do existing S&S subscriptions lock in the price at that time? Or will the next shipment get charged at prices at that time.

        • +1

          Next shipment adjusts up or down with the next shipment, you should get an email outlining the difference in price.

        • +1

          Definitely not the same price, and rarely (if ever) even close to the discounted price you paid on the first delivery.

          Always always cancel the sub. Never been an issue for me in regards to getting banned or anything… I pretty much buy everything on subscription and just cancel it after I get it.

      • I pay with Amazon gift card for subscriptions. They automatically fail for subscriptions, so I dont have to bother with cancelling the subscriptions.

  • Was hoping Amazon’s algorithm would match the half price offers from Woolies :((

  • Back at this decent price!

    should post it on

  • Sorry I’m newbie here but what is S&S ?

    • Subscribe and save.

    • you sign up to a subscription and it makes it a tad cheaper.

      no commitment, cancel as soon as you get the first order (and just in case make it 6 month re-delivery, in case you forget to cancel).

  • +1

    I remember when this was regularly selling at $12 for 12 rolls and this was only a few years ago. Now the “sale” price of $16 for the same item reflects a big jump in price. Exceeds the inflation rate and IMO this is price gauging.

    At the same time consumers don’t do themselves any favours by purchasing at the higher prices as it sends the message to the big organisations that customers accept price hikes.

  • I bought these VIVA ones and they suck, very hard and not super absorbent I find? Maybe I got a bad batch, but don’t think I will buy again.

  • +1

    i rekon quinton is the best

  • Cheaper per 100 if you purchase the double length rolls on ss

  • Now to add another $43 worth of items to actually get the deal…

  • Back online

  • Aim for $1 per roll (60 sheets per roll)

    That's the best price I have seen

    $2 per roll for double length rolls (120 sheets per roll)

    I think the best one is the Coles one for 85 cents per roll (60 sheets per roll)

    Ymmv depending on absorbency and strength etc but this has been my observation on cheapest best value for paper towels

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