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40% off Brazil SO|Decaf|New Half Strength Blend, 1kg from $26.39 + Delivery ($0 w/ $69 Order, Delay+500g Opt) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

I'll try to keep this as a short story, rather than a small novel, but no promises as I do ramble on sometimes. If you're flat chat and just want to skip to the good stuff, scroll down to the bold writing below :)

Three pieces of exciting news (well at least I think it's exciting):

1) Our much loved Swiss Water Process Decaf has cleared customs and is back in stock. To celebrate it's on special in this deal
2) Our crowd favourite Brazil São Paulo Single Origin is also featured in this deal
3) Over the last few months we've received a few dozen requests via email, DM and comments to create a half caffeine, half decaf blend. As promised, I added testing this to my famous, ever growing, to do list. I have been thinking about this and testing combination in the background. I initially started thinking about testing and creating a brand new blend and calling it something like "Nightcap or …" Then I scrapped that idea when I started thinking more about the problem our terrific customers said they'd like us to solve. Our customers said they'd have full caffeine strength Lime Blue Coffees during the day, but would get to a point usually in the afternoon where they'd want a quick coffee break (vacation in a cup, as I like to call it) but their caffeine levels were getting up there and so they'd miss out on that mini vacation. Some people were even getting a bag of our Decaf and a bag of a caf option from us then blending it themself. Which means creating a brand new "Nightcap" or similar named blend didn't 100% solve the problem. The solution needed was to lower the caffeine, not change the flavour. I kept thinking and testing. Solution time, drum roll please…today marks the launch of a new blend collection called "Half Strength (I may improve the name down the track)." Rather than just creating a new caf:decaf blend from scratch, we'll be creating blends using our existing range of crowd favourite Single Origins and Blends. Now there's a clear path to enjoying your favourite Lime Blue Coffee flavours throughout the day and night, without going into caffeine overload or drastically changing the flavour. We'll gradually add to our Half Strength Collection offerings over time, after thorough testing of flavour and extraction before any new addition. There is another problem I believe this collection solves, although not specifically requested by our fantastic customers. I believe there's a somewhat ubiquitous issue (it may not be mainstream, but I'm sure everyone reading has heard of it). There are some people that want a caf coffee for the flavour, but don't want the normal caf level that comes with every single coffee they have, this is sometimes described as a "weak or half strength coffee." For the maker, they need to punt when to stop the shot, which can be a messy pain. For the drinker, the current system for a "half strength coffee" doesn't just reduce the caffeine but unfortunately reduces the flavour as well. Our Half Strength range solves this by, yes reducing the caffeine, but without the need to compromise the flavour AKA half caf, full flavour. Speaking of flavour, what does adding half decaf the way we've develop it do to the flavour of your go to caf coffees? In a a nutshell it will enhance the chocolate notes, while maintaining the wonderful familiarity of the caf coffee it's blended with. To celebrate the launch of this collection, our first addition is included in this deal, it's our Half Strength Brazil São Paulo Single Origin, woohoo for a launch party deal!!!

We're offering you a 40% discount off our much loved Brazil São Paulo Single Origin, delicious loved Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee and first exciting addition of our new Half Strength Brazil São Paulo which is the first blend in our newly introduced Half Strength Collection:

1) Brazil São Paulo Single Origin, only $14.99 per 500g (usually $24.99 per 500g), and $26.39 per 1kg (usually $43.98 per 1kg)

2) Swiss Water Process Decaf, only $16.49 per 500g (usually $27.49 per 500g), and $29.39 per 1kg (usually $48.98 per 1kg)

3) Half Strength Brazil São Paulo Single Origin, only $15.74 per 500g (usually $26.24 per 500g), and only $27.89 per 1kg (usually $46.48 per 1kg)

Deal valid for orders placed until 15/05/2024, unless sold out before. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Monday and as far as the last Friday in June (28/06/2024). Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal, we strive to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting
  • We're happy to accommodate dispatch date changes, you just need to submit your request within 60 days of your order being placed and at least 24 hours prior to the current dispatch date selected. Please submit date change requests via a reply email to your order confirmation
  • One dispatch per order
  • If you select 500g as a quantity please ensure you also select 500g as the packaging option. If 500g is selected as a quantity with 1kg as the packaging selection the product will show as "unavailable"
  • 500g bag packaging (it's resealable) is also available for orders larger than 500g this is an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Complimentary gift notes can be submitted via a reply message to your order confirmation email
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag

Following the success of our recent trials of new shipping rates, we've decided to extend these for this deal too :)
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69. We recommend freezing any excess bags purchased to quality for free shipping, without compromising on enjoying fresh coffee.

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference Flat Rate Shipping (No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Courier's Please Flat Rate Shipping(No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Australia Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $8.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
  • $9.99 Express Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $12.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)

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  • +4

    Thanks for keeping this short!

    • +1

      haha @YasimKudomi Pape this is the "short" version, my initial draft was twice as long :)

  • genuinely just ordered from a competitor a few mins before this was posted😭

    • Morning @GUYANDSON no problem at all!

      If something featured in our deal does catch your attention, our unique delayed dispatch featured may be the winning ticket from you. You can order today and reserve a dispatch spot as far in the future as the last Friday in June :)

    • +1

      The Lime Blue offer is always coming!

      • +1

        The secret is to get into the habit of ordering two months in advance 😉

        • +1

          Haha I've got an order coming at the end of May. Had to calculate for my wife being overseas for 3 weeks, but I think I've nailed it… ~drinks more coffee~

  • I ordered 3kg of moments to mori to dispatch end of this month, any chance I can swap to Brazil?

    • +1

      Hey @hikki sure thing, we can make that happen for you!

      Please send a reply email to your order confirmation with the request and we'll go from there. Just a heads up, depending on the price you paid for Moments, we may need to send you a payment link for the difference. However, it goes both way, so if you paid more than the current Brazil price and you switch then you'll get a refund for the difference :)

      • Perfect! Thank you, will send an email shortly :)

        • :)

  • Thanks. Got a few kg 6-8 weeks back.

    Favourite so far was the Honduras.

    Ordered Brazil to try.

    • Absolutely terrific to hear @Darwin bit smile on my face to know our Honduras is a winner for you!

      Thank you so much for another order, it's truly appreciated :)

  • +3

    Half strength………..I want my coffee shots to show up on a drug test or for the pygmies to dip their darts into it before they go hunting.

    • No words in response can match your comment @stucatz !

      You've made me laugh and that's a wonderful way to start the day, so thank you :)

  • Thx trying the new half, never really seen it in Australia but more popular in USA.

    Would love if you could make Wednesdays a delivery date as I find that gives a better chance to arrive same week for me in Sydney.

    • +1

      Sure thing @Captain Hindsight good to know, thank you so much for giving our new blend a shot, fingers crossed it's a real winner for you!

      Appreciate the feedback, it's always most welcome. We do generally dispatch on Wednesdays, but some weeks do vary. If we add more dispatch to next Wednesday we'll likely make it available early next week, but right now the available days to select is what next week currently looks like for us. Tuesday is currently available, which may be the winning ticket for you right now (I assume that's what you selected), so you'll hopefully get the good stuff next week too :)

  • +1

    I applaud the effort of developing a half-strength blend with lower caffeine, well done. Maybe you could ask the OzBargain community for suggestions of what to christen it? I'll start if off by suggestion 'Halfling', or by carrying it further in the same vein 'Hobbit Blend'.

    • Morning and thank you @Chazzozz your ideas are always very welcome, please keep them coming!

      Love that idea, don't know what the collection will be called long-term, but all name suggestions for the collection will be carefully considered and appreciated. I thought of a bunch e.g. Half Caf, Full flavour…but then I though I better just pick a name now and work on perfecting the name later or I'll never have time to actually launch the new coffee collection. You likely get the idea of how many words about this idea have gone through my head from how long the deal post is, especially given this is the edited/shorter version :)

  • Hi Lime Blue Coffee any recommendation for whole beans to go with Soy Milk

    • Hey @talk2vib appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

      Any of the options in this deal should be winners for you. I'd recommend steering clear of highly acidic or highly fruity coffees :)

  • +1

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the ongoing deals!

    When do you think you'll have some more fruity coffees back available?

    • Keen for some half strength fruity beans for an afternoon pour over. Sounds heavenly.

      • +1

        oooo request duly noted @dajackal !

        I did have that idea as a fleeting thought the other week, as there are some fruity decafs out there that may be the ticket. Time will tell, first we'll see how well embraced our first installment of our Half Strength Collection gets :)

    • Hey @blocky27 sure thing, glad you're happy with our deals!

      Great question…I'm not 100% sure to be honest, we'll have some more medium fruity coffees likely dropping in the next 1-3 months, but in terms of full throttle fruit bomb coffees we've still on the search for more we're happy with. In the meantime if you haven't tried our Colombia Cauca Single Origin, I think you really should, as I have a hunch it'll be a winner for you :)

      • Done. Ordered.

        • Fantastic @blocky27 thank you so much for another terrific order, it's sincerely appreciated!!!

  • Last night ordered from Coffee Hero for double the price, missed the deal :s

    • Our unique delayed dispatch feature may be the winning solution for you @sqheaven that way you secure this deal pricing with fresh coffee without stockpiling yourself out of the kitchen :)

      • Great idea 💡 I loved your coffee single-O the last time it was available.

        • Terrific to hear @sqheaven music to my ears!

          Thank you so much for another order, fingers crossed you love this one even more :)

  • Hello Tom,

    I usually get the Enterprise from Airjo as it's as close to a flat white I can make using the Aeropress at home

    What would be your closest match to this? Any of these you listed?


    • +1

      Hey @Surtr appreciate you taking the time to reach out and I'm glad we've caught your attention!

      We generally don't comment on other companies. Even if we did I haven't had that coffee, so I'm sorry I can't give you an exact answer, perhaps someone from the Oz Bargain community might be more helpful than me on this one?

      Putting the comparison part of your question to the side for a moment. All of the options in this deal have wonderfully sweet chocolate notes at the forefront of flavour and as such as are absolutely delicious (of course an unbiased description form me haha) in both milk based and black coffees, so I believe you'll hopefully find a real winner in this deal :)

      • Hey @LimeBlueCoffee, I'm thinking of placing an order today, I see dispatch date earliest is 16th and being roasted today
        If I ordered this morning would my dispatch order be today? Just conscious of delivery date if I go with $7 shipping

        • +1

          Hey @Surtr a potential order from you sounds wonderful!!!

          Our dispatch scheduled is generally based on a first come, first serve basis. So how quickly a dispatch date availability gets to full dispatch capacity, directly correlates to the amount/type of orders. Today's dispatch reached full capacity yesterday afternoon, for sake of reference. Of course, you're welcome to place and order then simply send a reply email to your order confirmation requesting ASAP dispatch if possible. Another option that might solve the time frame query you have is to select Express shipping :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Thanks @LimeBlueCoffee, I just placed an order with express, keen to try you guys out, hopefully it can make it before the weekend haha

            • +1

              @Surtr: Wonderful to hear @Surtr thank you so much!!!

              Email received and replied to, fingers crossed you get the good stuff before the weekend, but with Express I have a strong hunch you will :)

              • @LimeBlueCoffee: Appreciate going well above and beyond Tom!!
                Thank you :)

                • +1

                  @Surtr: Sure thing @Surtr fantastic to know we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there!

                  • @LimeBlueCoffee: Amazing service there Tom! The coffee arrived this arvo (less than 24 delivery interstate!)

                    Just wanted to say thanks again, will defo be back for more

    • The Brazil SO from Lime Blue would be the closest to the enterprise blend from Airjo. The Brazil SO is a better coffee 100%, not even close in my opinion.

  • Thanks Tom. Another 3kg to get me through to the next deal :)

    • Amazing!

      Thank you so much for such a terrific order @tonzies it means a lot :)

  • The Brazil SO is by far my favourite.. thanks!

    • Woohoo for that fantastic vote of confidence @Reticent thank you so much for the compliment!

  • Interesting brand. Not come across you guys before and I love my coffee!

    Are you able to alleviate any concerns around pesticides? Since coffee is the most heavily sprayed crop.

    • +2

      Morning @Carpe Diem fantastic to know you "love coffee" and even better to know that we've caught your eye!

      Generally speaking, any fungicides/pesticides spraying that happens would do so in connection with more industrial farming/commodity grade coffee (roughly ~80% of the world's coffee is commodity grade), as the price is low, money comes from quantity over quality. All of our coffee is Specialty Grade, grown on relatively small farms, where money comes from quality over quantity. As the yields of Specialty Grade Coffees that are grow are relatively small due to land size, farmers maximise their revenue by maximising the flavour and quality of their output. Pesticides and fungicides can have a negative impact on quality/flavour, hence why it doesn't make financial sense for them to be used by farmers on our Specialty Grade Coffee :)

  • Good timing, thanks for the deal. Just need to find an ultrasonic reactor for my cold brew now…

    • +2

      Morning @moocher woohoo for perfect timing, terrific to hear this deal's a winner for you!!!

      WOW you're on your coffee A game, this article only came out this week, appreciate you sharing. Next time you're anywhere near UNSW perhaps they'll let you borrow theirs. In the meantime, if you're in an experimenting mode, here's something for you to try; put 12g of fresh coffee ground to suit pour over in a glass, pour 200g of room temp filtered water on top, then put it in a microwave for 60 seconds, take it out and pour it straight through a pour over paper filter to remove the grounds/sediment. It should be luke warm at this point, drink as is or over ice, it's one of the most delicious filter coffees I've had. The microwave specifically moves water molecules (ignore this is you already know how a microwave works), this turbulence increases extraction levels and the friction produces heat, hence how it works and why you can heat up a glass of water faster than a glass of milk in the microwave. I don't know if there's a study on it or its a thing, it's just one of the many coffee experiments that have popped in my head and I've though "why not give it a try and see what happens…" Happy experimenting :)

      • Ha ha I doubt they would part with their cool equipment.

        Thanks for the handy quick method, definitely worth trying when we haven't been organised enough to make cold brew ahead of time!

        • +1

          haha @moocher I feel like all you need is a lab coat. They'll take one took and say "you look like you know what you're doing, please feel welcome to use our equipment." If you want to take the equipment off site you may need "…" I can think of what else you'd need, but it'd be more than a lab coat :)

          Terrific, glad it's a handy experiment for you, fingers crossed it'll be your new go to for iced coffee in a rush!

    • Or get ready for some synthetic coffee coming out :)

  • Thanks for listening to our requests for Half Strength! Can't wait to try it!

    • You're most welcome @glasswire thank you for contributing and even more so for giving our new blend a shot!!!

      I'm glad you're excited to try it, fingers crossed it's a winner for you :)

  • +1

    Who else gets excited when Lime Blue shows up with another stunning deal? :)

    • 1kg of Brazil São Paulo Single Origin + 500g of 1/2 strength ordered. Thanks Tom!

      • Woohoo for that fantastic combo order @ringofan thank you so much :) :) :)

  • -4

    sounds good but I prefer Airjo's they make the beans I like so I wouldn't change.

  • Geisha geisha geisha

    • Team Geisha count me in.
      Geisha geisha geisha

  • Excited to try a half strength, thanks OP!

    • +1

      Nice @Dealhunter967671 that's music to my ears :)

      Thank you so much for your order and giving our new blend a shot, it really does mean a lot!

  • +1

    Ordered from this place many times. Good coffee, good company.

  • Ordered Brazil, great coffee!
    Would be great to have an option to upgrade to express shipping from free shipping without paying full price of express

  • Half-caf. You’ve fulfilled my wish!
    I’ve been buying caf & decaf and mixing. I can’t wait to try your new offering and hope it’s successful so it expands. 😁

  • Love love love lime blue, the Brazil is my absolute fave, in fact when travelling regional I often bring my timemore grinder and picopresso to brew my own as it can be miles better than a local cafe !!

    I was also one who was mixing decaf and caf, and suggested this a while back, so very keen to try the half blend!! Excellent work bringing it out!

    The only negative I have so many bags of coffee and keep buying Lol- freezer is full ! Thanks Tom :D

  • Just made the order, i think this is my first time trying this, hopefully it will be good one.

  • I think i was probably one of the people asking about the half caf so it'd be rude of me not to order :)

  • Question to those familiar with Lime Blue out there.

    My 3 kg of coffee arrived today earlier than I had ordered due to a mix up in communication, but nevermind, putting half kg of each into the freezer. So no worries. I have 1kg Brazil SO, 1kg Decaf & 1kg of Halfling. Roast date 12/5.

    Has anyone else received theirs'?

    It's the first time I've ordered from Lime Blue and the decaf is REALLY dark. More so than the Brazil SO and more so than my other coffee from Airjo darker roast, Coffee Supreme, Kai and even Aldi medium dark. Looks almost burnt and smells a bit like it too. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it supposed to be like that?

    Just made a filter cup Tetsu method and it did not taste good compared to my other coffees. I've just finished decaf from another roaster before, so it's definitely not a decaf issue. Maybe it's too soon to drink since it was only roasted 3 days ago? But the darkness of the colour and slightly burnt smell is a bit troubling. Maybe that's normal? Why is it darker than the Brazil SO from Lime Blue then, as both are omniroast?

    Please let me know your thoughts if you are familiar with Lime Blue. Thanks!

    • +1

      Hey @SydneySurfer I'll just chime in with a few quick points, then I'll butt out and let the community respond to your comment should they wish :)

      First, I received and responded to your email earlier today, may have gone to your spam folder. Second, I do completely appreciate this from your perspective comparing one coffee to another based on a pure visual check. Our Swiss Water Process Decaf is almost black in colour, however, it is not even close to a dark roast and from a technical perspective it's actually a tad lighter in profile than our Brazil, even though the Brazil looks lighter. This is backed up by the fact that coffee which is dark roasted would likely be very oily and our Decaf is not. The SWP Decaffeination method results in the green coffee being much darker than for example a non decaf washed coffee, hence why the roasted decaf is notably darker than nondecaf. You are right to use the colour profile of a coffee as an initial (but not ultimate) guide to the level of roast, but in doing so it's best practice to compare like for like in terms of processing, otherwise a visual comparison won't be an accurate help for you e.g. compare a washed with Washed, a natural with a natural, an EA with an EA a SWP with a SWP, every fermentation processing method varies the colour of the unroasted coffee and in doing so will vary the roasted output colour. As a general guide from lightest to darkest raw/green coffee due to processing Washed, Honey, Natural, EA Decaf, SWP Decaf, this is just a loose guide covering the main processing methods as there's more methods in use.

      Hope this extra info is helpful, please know you're welcome to reach out again via email :)

      • Thanks so much for your response here Tom! Really appreciate your expertise.

        The decaf coffee does not taste burnt. I'm drinking it now. Quite weak actually.
        I wonder if it is too soon to drink or I need to dial a different number. Am using the 1zpresso K Ultra. Will muck around with the dial in the next few days and see if it improves for me. I do like stronger tasting coffees so this could be my problem.

        • +1

          Sure thing @SydneySurfer very happy to know we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there!

          Appreciate the clarification and extra info (also in your follow up email, which I replied to a little while ago), it's quite helpful. I find filter coffee can sometimes be a bit trickier to dial in than espresso. Good news is I drink a lot of filter, so I'm fairly familiar with dialling it in and can tell if you need to go coarser or finer simply by looking as the coffee bed post extraction/draw down. As I'll need a photo from you and some more detailed info, let's continue this via our email chain. I'm confident I can help you nail the extraction and I'll continue to available to answer any questions until you're happy :)

  • Any more SO deals coming up? Don't like the blends, but love the SOs

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