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25GB/Month Prepaid Mobile Plan with Unlimited Data Banking: $10/Month for 3 Months ($25/Month Ongoing) @ Felix Mobile


Cheap 3 month offer for the amount of data they're offering, with unlimited data at 1.5Mbps if the full data allowance is finished. 60% off. Renews at $25 after the first 3 months.

eSIM available.

  • Unlimited standard national calls including 13 and 18 numbers
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • $5/month international calls and text to 40 countries add on available
  • $20 roaming add on pack: 4GB of data, 100 standard mins and 100 standard SMS to stay connected while holidaying. To use over 365 days in 40+ countries.

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1 Month Free or $35 Credit for referrer and referee after SIM activation.

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  • +3

    This mobile service keeps getting cheaper for new customers. It’s actually quite good, I didn’t have any problems.

  • Does the referrer still get $35 if this code is used?

    • somehow try putting in both codes

    • Nope. You choose one or the other

  • +1

    moose mobile is $11.80 a month for 8 months of 25GB though?

    • +1

      Extra data is $9gb though if you exceed 25gb

  • +3

    The $20 international roaming add on is also great value. Thanks OP!

  • My family from overseas is coming to visit me for 3 months . Should this work perfectly or are these plans that require a local id ?

  • A heads up for everyone. I checked the T&C. If you pause your subscription or don't make a payment, the fee reverts to $25.

    Eg. I get the plan and pay $10. Then pause to go overseas. When I restart the cost will be $25 per month. So I lose my $10 per month benefit.

    For the above example a referral code is a better option.

  • do we need this code for the discount. Looks like it is advertised like this on their website, so no need for the code?

    • Yes.
      You enter the code at checkout.

  • +6

    Why do people post mobile deals without stating the network?

    Vodafone 4G for those who want to know.

    • +3

      Thank you. Now I see why it's so cheap!

  • Can you get multiple international roaming $20 packs?

    • Found my answer: "If you run out, simply purchase another pack and your unused inclusions will roll over to your new pack, under your new expiry"

      Perfect for my upcoming trip.

      • I used the roaming pack on a recent trip to China, worked flawlessly

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