Rivers Men's Classic Puffer Jacket (Dark Navy, Sizes S-3XL) $27.89 Delivered @ ONEWOMAN via OzSale


Cheaper than the Rivers store plus free delivery

Product Description
Light Weight
2 Side Pockets
Zip Through

Fabric & Care
100% NYLON

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  • +2

    Men's jacket sold by ONEWOMAN (almost all womenswear).

    • +7

      I think any bloke buying Rivers clothing has given up anyway.

      • Sorry Mr Louis St. Klein of Coach.
        A jacket is a jacket when it’s in, no one cares about the label except you.

        • -1

          Sorry for calling you out bro.

          • @R00D: That's ok eshay, you can have the TNs and Tommy all to yourself.

            • -1

              @Brian McGee: You got a deal on an e-scooter for me too?

              • @R00D: Scooter? I thought you'd be too busy hassling pensioners on the train.

                • -1

                  @Brian McGee: Not only do you admittedly dress worse than an 'eshay', whom you're framing as someone to use as an insult, you're triggered enough about it to carry on this way? You're very insecure.

                  • @R00D: Says the insecure one judging people by what brands they wear.

                    • -1

                      @Brian McGee: It was a joke, as is I playing along as an eshay. I thought that may have been obvious by now, seems not.
                      You got offended by a joke, hence your insecurity. Be happy with what you wear and move on.

                      • @R00D:

                        I think any bloke buying Rivers clothing has given up anyway.

                        Sorry, you are hilarious. You should be the warm-up act for Jimmy Carr or Ricky Gervais. Or maybe they could be your supporting act?

                        • -1

                          @Brian McGee: It was even a joke off the back of someone else's. I like that you're still carrying on here bro, it only supports my point further that you're all triggered and insecure. Keep going.

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    I'll try it for winter 2024 maybe colder.

  • lol Nylon 100%

  • Looks like they're just using the word puffer without knowing what it means. That jacked is barely quilted, let alone puffy.

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