Samsung Galaxy Note II - up against your head

So for those that have jumped on the note II bargain bandwagon, without much experience with the form factor prior to purchasing

How did it go? How is it size wise holding it up to your ear? Does it look strange? Have people commented on the awkwardness of it? How practical is it as a phone for telephone calls?


  • I'm guessing some people would use it as a phone only with a hands free cord or Bluetooth device

    • Hmmmm, yeah could do. I'm not a big fan of doing this, looks like I'm talking to myself as a result of a mental conidition.

      I've always found people that wear those things to look crazy or pretentious.

  • im so tempted reading the review, how pretty is the screen, fast, etc.
    might jump into this after i finish with applefanboy thingy

  • I got my in hk last week mind you my one it note 2 4g lte already loving it. First it a bit big but already used to it, running really fast and smooth and the biggest thing i loved about note 2 i can do lot more things then iphone very limited. The multi window and one hand operation on note 2 very useful. I think u should try it out first cause it a big phone.