Macpac Womens Uber Light Hooded Down Jacket Gold $80 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Rebel

  • Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Lightweight nylon shell with water repellent treatment
  • 650 loft 90/10 Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down
  • Elastic bound hood, hem and cuffs
  • Zipped hand pockets
  • Packs into a tiny stuff sack (included)
  • Regular fit

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  • +5

    If I wear this I will look like a big pineapple walking on the street.

    • +2

      me: hey i bet that person wearing that fluro yello macpac halo, rm williams boots and pockets full of eneloops is an ozbargainer!

      • This deal, unfortunately, is not the Halo. Don't mistake true OzBargainers for imposters.

        • ah good point lol - after getting 3 halos, i dont think i could go a non-halo tbh - too handy

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Can you explain why Halo > this one? From my limited research, it seems this one has more down and slightly more of it, too.

            • @ATangk: i was always under the impression halo was warmer , and uber light was not as bulky ?
              also i was only looking at the thumbnail and thought the listing was for the non-hood version. I can now see title says i think this is still a good buy if you dont mind the colour .

              but yeah you are right uber light does look to have 650 down rating as opposed to 600. now i dont know what to think lol

              its not clear on the macpac website what the difference is from a visual/ spec highlights in the write up…just that the halos go for more rrp wise (and still the ones us ozbargainers go crazy for).

              • +1

                @Jimothy Wongingtons: It comes down to amount of down.

                Uber light : high loft 650 fill, less down, light weight, less warmth. Meant for spring/autumn
                Halo : low loft, more down 600 fill, more weight, more warmth. Halo is 550 grams. Winter use.

                I have a Patagonia sweater, has 800 loft and weighs 250 grams. light weight and very warm.

                • @Commenter: So how do we know which down jackets in general are warmer? I thought loft was in indication of this with the higher value being warmer, but from your comment this is not the case.

                  • +1

                    @damnable: It’s a combination of fill and quantity of down.

                    High fill means you need less down to get the same warmth. Halo uses more down of low fill hence is heavier.

                    Down Fill Weight
                    Down fill power gets the most press, but fill weight—or the total amount of down stuffed into a jacket or sleeping bag—is just as important. This is the weight of insulation measured in ounces (or sometimes grams) and will give you a good indication of how much warmth it will provide. For instance, a typical lightweight down jacket might have 3 ounces of down fill, while a midweight jacket might have 5 or 6 ounces, which can be a considerable difference in warmth when comparing jackets with the same fill power. Serious winter jackets and parkas can have much more than that.

                    It’s easiest to judge fill weight when the fill powers are the same or similar. For example, a jacket with 6 ounces of 800-fill down will be substantially warmer than a jacket with 3 ounces of 800-fill down—that’s double the amount of insulation of the same quality. But if you are comparing 6 ounces of 600-fill down against 3 ounces of 900-fill down, the calculation becomes trickier. For these reasons, we like to take both numbers into account and include both fill power and weight in the product specs throughout our site (whenever we’re able to track both numbers down, that is). Again, fill power is important, but don’t overlook fill weight.

    • +2

      At least it will set you apart from the rest of the horde in their black puffers. I quite like the green & gold personally.

  • Puffer or down jacket?

    • look like a pineapple or a pen

    • A down jacket is a puffer jacket.

  • Useful in the snow i suppose. Should be easily seen.

    • By bears? Yes. Drop bears? Yes yes.

    • reminds me of the old adage - don't eat yellow snow.

  • Great for water sports

    • Please elaborate.

    • such a pain in the butt to wash after though , and the smell kinda lingers


  • I know I will be drummed out of Ozbargain but I prefer the Uberlight to the Halo jacket. I prefer to layer rather than go the big jacket. Even in the depths of Melbourne winter I would prefer to wear about four or five layers, including a thermal, than a heavy jacket. The lighter jacket is more versatile and packs down smaller.

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