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½ Price: Nongshim Shin Ramyun Spicy Noodles Cheese Stir Fry 4pk, Spicy Chicken Soup 4pk, Chapagetti 5pk $4.50/each @ Woolworths

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    Spicy Chicken is great, bit flavour light but very good base for pimping up.

  • Anyone tried the Chapagetti one? Is it spicy? Thanks

    • Nope its sweet

    • Chappagetti is sweet, the main flavouring ingredient is black bean. They do have the spicy variant although doubt Woolies stocks them.

    • +1

      Chapagetti is really good

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    The Nongshim Shin Light 4 pack is also on sale for $4.50.

    • I can't see this on Woolie's website…got a link?

      • It's only available in some stores, it looks like

        Nongshim Shin Light 4pk

        • Oh man…on a cut but missing Shin Ramyun bad!

  • Is it the first time this range has gone on half price sale? Haven't tried any of these price is right to try now. Thanks for sharing OP!

  • Never seen Chapagetti on sale before, thanks OP
    One of my favourite stir fry style instant noodles!

    • No luck so far trying to get my hands on Chapagetti!!

  • is the cheesy one any good or is the powdered cheese really gross?

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