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[NSW] Adopt-a-Stray - $100 Desexing, Vaccination, Microchipping @ Cat Protection Society of NSW


This is a really great deal, although not as good as last year's half-price desexing package.

For $100 you can have your kitten or cat:

  • desexed (this already costs $180-250 at vets alone, more for female kittens/cats)
  • vaccinated (costed me $130 to vaccinate my cat this year)
  • microchipped
  • council registered

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      But desexing, vacccinating, microchipping, and council registration is not.

      That's what you are paying for.

      Or is that not clear enough for you?

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          So that the person can take the cat home on the day they see it. Means more adoptions occur.

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          Desexing is important to control cat population. Female cats can become pregnant from 4 months of age.

          There is so many cats and kittens in shelters and rescues because of unwanted pregnancies (lack of education on the owner, or cost of desexing becomes a barrier) or undesexed street cats.

          The vaccination is to protect them from diseases and viruses like FIV and Panleukamia as shelters and rescues are environments where there’s lots of cats coming in

          Even if a cat doesn’t get adopted at least they won’t become a cause of these unwanted pregnancy :D

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            control cat population. Female cats can become pregnant from 4 months of age.

            How did they fix that problem with the rabbits?

            • @jv: the same way you fixed the aboriginals and mall-goers

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                @kenan3cn: There is no proof that I did that.

                It was thrown out of court.

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            @GalacticKat: Many councils used to fund a catch-desex-release policy for feral cats that have since been suspended. Reasons include lack of funds/ferals kill wildlife and people complain when desexed feral cats are released back/unavailability of cat disease vaccines from overseas etc

            Perhaps we should lobby our local councils to bring back the catch-desex-release program for unregistered cats?

    • I'd be lying if I said that week or so break you just took from ozbargain 'quality' posting was a less enjoyable forum reading time.
      'Glad' to have you back.

  • Adopt-a-Stray

    Catchier titles/ slogans:



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      Sorry but your slogans suck dude

      • that’s the point - don’t be sorry

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    What happens when all the cute cats are adopted, just ugly ones left over?

    • plenty of cats it seems - hence the advert

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          A normal cat as opposed to a female cat??

          • -5

            @dailypedal: Yeah, a healthy boy cat that doesn't act like it's been dropped on the head in a meth cook house.

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          The poor kitty. She needs lots of love and patience.

        • +10

          Maybe the cat was abused? Still adjusting to a new home?

          None of those behaviours you explain are really all that unusual in any case.

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          Shy cats require lots of patience and love

        • there are no normal cats. The only thing normal about a cat is that it will be completely different to any other cat

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            @dtc: Please. Given the choice most of us would choose a normal cat. And you all know what I mean by a normal cat.

        • dogs are tasty though, you should try

        • maybe try gumtree

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    1. Put pet up for adoption
    2. Immediately adopt pet
    3. Profit ??
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    Just remember, its yours for 10 years or so.

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      Mate, when to comes to cats - I think it’s the other way around:

      You belong to the cat for those 10 years or so.

      • -2

        I learnt this overtime you don’t really own cat?
        So all these righteous army neggers are just tree hugging physcos so full of themselves
        Honestly they’re on those vegan cult sites for too long😂

      • More like 15-25 years.

        • +2

          Wish mine lasted that long

        • Ours have been 10, 16, 8 years.

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    I love my adopted cat he brings a lot of joy to me.

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      I agree better the faceless ones on ozbargain that neg you. I bet I will get neg for this one…..

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    Why only cats? Discriminatory animal pricing for dogs?

    • +2

      …Because it's the "Cat" Protection Society…

      • What if a dog identifies as a cat.

        • How did you….

          ….didn’t realise you were a dog whisperer.

  • -3

    What if I identify as a cat

    • +5

      then you too can be desexed for $100.

      • +2

        Seems like a good deal, we can pass the hat around, maybe prevent the next generation of I-identify-as-X Babylon Bee "jokes"

  • Why I read this "adopt e-Shay"

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    Thats very cheap. We had our male cat desexed last month and it cost $175. 3 other places quoted me $250 - $350.

    • how about female cat desexed :)

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      $350! That's outrageous. Was it Double Bay?

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    I’ve lived with 3 cats from here and they are all awesome in their own way. If you’re worried about personality like the person above then don’t get a kitten. There are many 2-4 year old cats that will be easier to judge the behaviour of, but if you get a kitten you roll the dice.

    • Don't forget that if you adopt from a shelter or rescue, there is a meet and greet session, where you can suss out their personality

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    Thanks bought 10

  • +4

    Adopted a stray from cat protection a few years back, love her to bits.

    Of the places we looked it was by far the most well run.

  • Adoption fee is the least of it. The ongoing cost of food, litter, vet visits will cost much more. But if you get a good cat it's worth it.

    If you get a bad cat there are no bad cats

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