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Apple iPad 10.9" (10th Gen) Wi-Fi 64GB $559.99 Delivered (Officeworks Price Beat $531.99) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco have now dropped the price of the 10th Gen iPad. Virtually the same price as Apple Education Store, however Officeworks did price beat this bringing it down further. I used discounted Ultimate Gift Cards I bought in some deal a while back, so came out sub-$500 overall which I was happy with.

At the time of posting Costco had blue and silver in stock. 256gb also available for $799.99 in silver and blue for those that want more storage ($759.99 at OW after price beat).

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  • Anyone has issue with OW price-beat?

    My local OW says it will only price beat if the competitors is in the same state

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      OW won't price match Costco

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        This is not correct. Did it this morning without any issues, didn't even need to show them I was a member. Lots of posts on OzB confirming they do. Seems you get the odd store manager who refuses, but most will and plenty of people have also had them price beat over the phone.

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          I'm just speaking from policy. Great if you got a manger to price match

          • @Froot Loops: Before I went to the store I scanned prior posts and there has clearly been a shift in this over the last few months. My view was given I was able to do this without any discussion and many others have as well, I would share the deal, given a proven successful transaction is better than a theoretical decline.

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              @stang65: It highly depends on the staff member. Some staff members will let you price beat no problem, others will say that since you need a membership the price beat is invalid. I've had experience with both situations.

        • OP, are you willing to post your OW invoice number? This type of price match at OW is staff dependent. Also, there was once a staff wanted to see some proof of a price match being done (the staff came up with an excuse that if she can see such price match then she would be able to do the same).

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        In recent times this has changed where they now allow price beats with Costco, although the website doesn't make this clear. From what i've read from previous OzB deals, people have more success with price beating Costco when they call Officeworks up on 1300 633 423.

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      Price quoted is delivered, so location shouldn't be an issue. That being said, experiences vary per store. I have had a price beat refused, called up instead and did it over the phone as a click and collect from the same store, no issues. You can't use discounted gift cards over the phone however.

      • Yea i havent had issue in store except once… guy wouldnt budge so i went to the car and called the officeworks line did an order and click and collect. Popped over to have lunch at grilld next door then came back saw him and collected he was like oh :D

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    OW won't price-match Costco.

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      As above, not correct. Look up prior Costco deals on Apple products and you will see plenty of examples where OW have beat the price. As mentioned in my original post, I was able to do this just this morning.

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      OW price match policy based on manager on duty and what they had for breakfast.

  • Office works will not price match any store that requires a membership

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    I purchased iPad 10th gen 256gb from OW East VIC Park in WA showing Costco price $799, OW did price beat. I paid $759.05. I am a Costco member but wasn’t asked to prove it.

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    So many people fighting and don't actually know the price beat / match rules of OW.

    For clarity.
    Technically, OW do not have to price match COSTCO as the conditions of purchase are different to that of OW (in that you need a membership to buy from COSTCO and don't with OW). Now while they technically [according to their price beat terms and conditions] do not have to, that does not mean they won't. Similar to how they may add the cost of delivery when matching online (or non local) stores, they could ask you to add the cost of membership to the price of the item as well.

    In short:
    - No they are not obliged to price match / beat COSTCO
    - Yes, they might still do it
    - If they do it, they may or may not ask to add the cost of a COSTCO membership to the price (in this case $599.99 + $65).

    So try your luck with OW, and if that fails, buy from COSTCO, after all, delivery is free. The is no point fighting amongst ourselves here, just ask your local OW.

    Happy bargaining.

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      This is the most sensible comment as I agreed while policies might change, individual OW might choose to implement them at their own discretion. Say if there were an influx of Ozbargainers suddenly coming in and demanding price beat on the same product on the same day, then they might just say no. And when they do, just take it politely and move on to another store or call 1300 633 423 and see if you'd have more luck price beating Costco there.

    • Correction to my comment, I meant $559.99 + $65 not the $599.99 + $65 I typed in my third 'In short' point. sorry all.

    • Ill chime in here to say Im very familiar with the rules and that while it isnt strictly covered by the rules that are publicly advertised for the price beat, changes in the last year or so mean that Costco is (/should be) covered by OW price beat, and membership fees should not be included in what they match.

      If somebody rejects it for that reason theres not much you can do, but Id politely ask if they can just quickly double check if they have a price beat guide to confirm if thats still the case because you were lead to believe it had changed.

      • unless there is a hidden policy that I can't find, I have been declined a Costco price match based on this very line on their website:

        "Identical products and services includes that they must have the same conditions of purchase", condition of buying from Costco, is you must have a membership.

        • Sorry, late reply cause I missed the notification, but yes. It is not in the publicly advertised rules. But you should politely ask them to double check if they have access to a guide that might address this specific situation.

  • Will OW price match Costco?

    • maybe if you ask, but they are not obliged to

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        Too afraid of rejection to attempt

        • Why be afraid? Just be friendly and polite and you'll be fine.

          If you don't want to waste time (in case of rejection), just call the store(s) first, ask, and if they say yes, make sure you note the name of the person you spoke to and the time, so you can advise that when you reach the store.

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          If you are not needing to pay by gift cards I would recommend calling 1300 633 423 and do the transaction over the phone as a click and collect at your local store. It's always been a quick and easy process when I have done it in the past and it avoids you needing to talk to anyone face to face and stand their while they look it up etc.

  • Thanks Op got one

  • Are people buying the 64gb or price matching on the 256gb ones?

    Tempted to get this as it's an awesome price, but 64gb feels like it's so little these days.

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      Apple knows people want 256GB. With Apple products, in terms of value for money, it is best to avoid upgrades. Once you decided to upgrade to 256GB, the next enticing factor becomes with just a bit more money, you could get iPad Air.

  • Officeworks price matched. However, they would only do Silver or Blue as they are the only 2 colours available on the Costco Website.

  • I've just bought iPad Air 13" and Pencil Pro from Officeworks today. Officeworks price beat Costco 5%. I was asked to present Costco membership card before getting the deal.

  • I just got a price beat at OW today. I showed them the Costco website with this sale and they gave me the price beat.

  • Does OW price match Apple educational store as well ?

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