Car Hire - Launceston > Any leads on cheap pricing for 3 days late Dec?

Thought I would see if anybody knew of any great prices on car hire? Being from Melbourne we are spoilt with choices and cheap pricing, but I've so far struggled to see anything under $100 per day… any help is appreciated. Looking from 29th Dec for 3 days. Cheers


  • What class of car are you after? Naturally a people mover is going to cost more than a compact. Also return to base or one way hire?

    IIRC I got a compact for around $40/day for 5 days last Feb. That was from Thrifty because I get a NRMA discount, but there are lots of choices. Maybe things get very busy around X'mas.

  • Not really fussed to be honest, something small to medium at most, more price based is what I am after.

    Return to base should not be an issue, probably do a round trip from Launceston and hopefully drop back near the airport on our way out.

    Perhaps xmas inflation, I'd be happy with something around $50/day. Closer to $100/day is what I've seen so far and it's not exactly spinning my wheels! :-)

  • I think you may have hit a busy period. I plugged 28-31 Dec into the Thrifty page and I got a page full of Sold Outs. :)

  • Cheers, found this place which was cheapest by far. They cash in on Santa from what most were charging.