New Balance 2002R - Silver Pine-Olive Dust-Slate - Sizes 8-13 - $99.95 + $10 Delivery ($0 In-Store/ $150 Order) @ Foot Locker


More 2002Rs on sale:

This one is the cheapest, and also the most interesting cw imo.

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  • +1

    Damn was really hoping to see some banger prices on 990v6 in the recent Frenzy sales

  • How do you collect instore for $0

    $0 In-Store

    • Go to store, collect

      LMK if any other qns


      • But you can't buy online for collection in store

        • +1

          That's why I didn't include C&C. You have to go inside an actual store

  • Are these exclusively for running? They look horrendous

    • Yes, people wear these to train and participate in marathons

    • +1

      There are far better running shoes available.

  • Cant even tell if this is a Dad sneaker or a running shoe? Either way, its (profanity) hideous.

    • Cant even tell if this is a Dad sneaker or a running shoe? Either way, its (profanity) hideous.

      they're swimming shoes, see the mesh patches? it's simulating shark skin for speed. the suede is mimicking baby seal fur for agility

    • I mean, it’s not hideous.

      • -1

        It's f'ing hideous

      • -1

        Press X for doubt.

        • Press Y for you to suggest non-hideous shoes

          • -2

            @rosebank: Anything. Literally anything.

            • +1

              @whichwhatwho: Nah, new balance is cool. Much better than the other brand that puts a swoosh on plastic shoes

            • @whichwhatwho: Typical non-answer weak shit

              • @rosebank: I mean, look at anything on this page.
                They look like running shoes and mostly not shit. NB all look like something your elderly dad wears to get the paper.

                • @whichwhatwho: I own a lot of Hokas, and you can argue that they are too colourfull and look like clown shoes with the oversized outsole, the last time I saw someone wearing Hokas irl was a 60+ yo dude. These NBs are casual shoes. I can link too: Pretty inoffensive and plenty of cws to choose from.

                  • @rosebank: I guess that's why taste is subjective. All I see is Dad sneakers. And I come from a position of a 40 something dad myself.

  • Are these made in USA?

    • No. Very unusual for made in USA models to reach this price, even on sale.

  • Do you know if the NB website ever listed the Silver Blue 991v2? I know UpThere did, but they sold out instantly.

    • The NB website was restocked last week, but it is very limited in size.

      • Never seen them, and iv'e been checking most days for the last month

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