Biondi Pasta 500g $0.50 SunRice Microwave Red 250g $1.00 Ferrero Balls 100g $2.00 Oreo Mini 10pk $2.50 & More @ The Reject Shop


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The Reject Shop
The Reject Shop


  • These have been the prices so long stock is either depleted or expiring lol

    • +1

      The pasta went up as high as $1 and has been 75c so 50c is back to a previous low. I regularly find these deals in store. A lot is Woolies stock that isn’t necessarily expiring but a dropped product line or seasonal promotion like the ferrero choccies.

      • Idk about everything there but I know that rice microwave cups and pouches have been $1 since they introduced them.

  • Supercar Biondi

  • Went to 3 different reject shop in outer SE Melb.
    None of them in stock.
    One shopkeeper even told me he has never seen these 50c pasta in recent weeks.

    It's really annoying that they have closed all their inner suburbs stores, only leaving their outer suburbs stores where no one goes.
    Every time I walk into their store, there are only like 5-10 customers.
    Wasted my time & petrol.

    • Sorry to hear that. Maybe call in advance next time. Definitely some of this in stock when I posted it in QLD.

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