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Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 100g $1.60 in-Store Only (RRP $8) @ MYER


For the Chocolate lovers. Was looking for something to spend the $10 gift card and found this. Also other flavors:

Dark Choc 100g $1.6

Gourmet Egg Bag 106g $2

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    I can't believe they would think people would initially pay $8 or this.

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      It's fun, has a little bell and everything.

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    Still good for three months; they expire at the end of August

    • Do you still work for Myer? I remember you from the AMEX deals :) The MYER insider always providing invaluable info.

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        I never worked for Myer.

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          Oh boy

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          LOL that is the my most embarrassing moment, on top of that I mix up myer and DJ for my AMEX card…

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        She worked at David Jones and got the Amex David Jones card.

    • Even then I remember last easter there was a few news articles that manufacturers were overly stringent on expiry dates for easter eggs, and that most easter egg products would be good even up to next easter.

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    Bought these a while back during a coles sale. They tasted more like cadbury than the Lindt chocolate bars. They were also annoying to eat. Would not recommend for even half RRP but at this price, it's meh.

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    That’s probably all it’s worth anyway.

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    I guess this one also good deal?

    Have not tried this brand though.

    • chocolate bilbies taste better than chocolate bunnies

  • Hmmm. Going to go to Myer Melbourne city later today. Hopefully there will still be stock.

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      Just went into the city store they said they haven’t had them for weeks.

      • Thanks for letting me know. Dammit!

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    has anyone found where they are located at sydney city myer? i havent found any and i asked a few employees. ive tried L2, 5 & 6, and nothing.

  • Bunny hunting at Carindale (Brisbane) was a waste of time. Shows stock of all except dark choc.

    Asked at customer service, who did a search.
    100g (in stock) but nearest stock was Vic!
    200g (in stock) 8 showing on system, but none in store. (Stolen, eaten, damaged was likely reason)

    Asked staff - told me where they were - at Easter, when 50% off, when 90% off. But no bunnies now😞

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