[iOS, Android] 3 Months Free Digital ID Protection & Data Breach Alert (Then $4.99/Month) @ Truyu (Built by Commonwealth Bank)


For comparison, Equifax charges $9.95/month for identity monitoring. Couple this Truyu with Commbank's free Credit Savvy credit score and reporting service for more comprehensive monitoring, which Equifax charges $14.95/month for the combined service:

This service is available to everybody, not just Commbank customers.

Nowadays with data breaches being a part and parcel of everyday life, more and more people are also taking up these services.

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Truyu (Built by Commonwealth Bank)
Truyu (Built by Commonwealth Bank)

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    why should we be the ones paying for this hmm

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      Yet you upvoted…

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        Because 3 months can be useful for someone

    • yes when these data thieves are the ones selling the data in the first place.

      it's like the mafia selling extortion insurance

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    Wild, so private entities capture all of our personal information, store it forever, and do a terrible job protecting it.
    Now they want to monetise an identity protection SaaS product for $5 - $15 a month… What a time to be alive.

    • The regulator(s) has to take a lot of the blame as there is no prescriptive definition for how long. Its all a wishy washy for as long as a business deems necessary. 99% of the times its purely for marketing analytics anyway.

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    I am surprised it falls on consumers to protect your own identities lol.

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    Too late, my Dell data just got stolen, enjoy that information about that monitor I bought 2 years ago hackers ..

    • Interesting .. I didn't get any emails about this from Dell .. pretty poor CS coz it sounds like it was everyones details were takne ;/

    • Now that the hackers know that my laptop is 4 years old, the least that dell could do is send out some 20% off vouchers to say sorry

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    Until Truyu gets compromised themselves, then it’s a treasure trove of all the data you’ve entered (so they could in theory alert you if those details leaked).

    Exactly what happened to Equifax.


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    The email monitoring services uses Have I been pwned and limits you to 5 email address via the app. May as well monitor emails with them directly

    The Email Monitoring Service that is provided to you via the App includes the ability to register and access to the Have I been pwned? (HIBP) Service which is supported by our third party service provider Superlative Enterprises Pty Ltd.

    ID alerts will only alert you based on your ID being used via the greenID service. Better than nothing I guess?

    b) This is a new service utilising external technology that is now passed through to you to enable you to understand where your first name, last name and date of birth is being used at a Merchant that is onboarded by GBG to provide the relevant information to GBG

    • oh wow .. I just put in a couple of emails I have and BAM! it lists my email … there are sites that I haven't used in like 10 years coming up … even forgot about those ones :D

    • GBG is one of a few of the gateway providers of the DVS. So does that mean if a fraudulent party used another one, it gets missed???

      Or are they just utilising a DVS service for notifications. Didn't think there was such a thing.

      GBG must be holding the information now, not just a pass-through.

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    I have serious reservations about the X15 team. I'm fully aware of their operations, and I can never bring myself to trust them. Their tech stack is incredibly insecure, beyond what you can imagine.

    • Unloan is their product, they have the best interest rates right now, should I not apply with them then? 😔

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        So someone might hack their system and steal your mortgage?

  • scams are getting legit masks

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