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LEGO Icons Concorde 10318 - $254.99 (RRP $299.99) Delivered @ Myer


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    I’m waiting for prices to crash on the Boeing sets!

    • I see what you did there.

    • How about Airbus

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        airbus A380 would be a cool build to do

      • A380 would be amazing. The custom builds look great.
        Emerites A380

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      Sadly that will take longer for the LEGO prices to crash

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      The Boeing sets all have pieces missing.

      • Who needs a door when you can do without. Just a bit of pressure and natural ventilation. At Boeing, our model is Safety First!

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        The Boeing sets all have pieces missing.

        Including the whistleblower minifig's head!

  • Picked one up this morning. Hard enough to have this one in stock. Almost went for it at retail on the Lego site yesterday now it is in stock again.

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    Natural History Museum is RRP $449.99 at Bricks Megastore but comes with a $100 gift card today, making it "technically" a better deal than this one at Myer. Postage may kill the deal though depending on your location or ability to collect.


  • Got one. Don't forget cashback!

  • I saw the Natural History Museem set overseas recently at a Lego store which I pointed out to my missus as it is one of her favourite places in London. "Ha, look, they have the natural history museum", I said. Now the damn thing is everywhere.

    The shop also had a completed Concorde on display. Not too bad although it looks a bit clunkly when the nose is drooped.

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    The price of these sets make me feel better about spending money on Star Citizen ships.

    • Agreed! ILW is never kind to my wallet.

  • omg i just fken bought from lego at $300
    can i refund my lego

    • Damn son, have you opened it?

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        Buy this, and return it

      • nah its being delivered today lol, i was hoping myer lego would have a sale before i could cancel it as it was delayed shipping but yeah

        gonna buy this and return other purchase to lego

    • Lego you can returned if unopened. Think you get lego credit for their store and not money back though.

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        just in case i called lego customer service and they said it will be refunded back to credit card but its just going to take 2-4 weeks to process refunded

        annoying but as long as i get the refund its all good

      • Not sure why someone would neg your helpful comment. Must be a poor sod that can't afford any LEGO yet still backs Albo as the greatest PM in history. Awaiting my own negs 3, 2, 1….

  • I know this will never happen but I really wish Lego would change their stance on military aircraft. The F-22, F-14 and B2 Spirit would be day 1 purchases for me.

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      COBI building blocks. I've got a few models and they build well, I rate them

    • -1

      I'm glad they don't. One talk to someone who grew up with guns and death in the streets and I realised we should not glorify instruments of death, they are necessary tools sometimes but by no means should they be made to be celebrated or appear 'cool'. I grew up building such model kits.. now, yuck.

      • i think out of all the fighter jets, perhaps the stealth bomber would be a cool build to do

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      You can find alternate brands that have those models on sites like Aliexpress. Often cheaper than Lego too.

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        lego is probably made from the factory next door to what aliexpress sells too lol

        but i can't fatham myself to get a knockoff version when it comes to these big lego builds
        if its something smaller than yeah but i like getting the big box and completing a build

    • The F-22, F-14 and B2 Spirit would be day 1 purchases for me.

      Check out the AFOLstore.

      They sell instructions for a huge number of MOCs, including a number of military aircraft and vehicles.

      Otherwise, you can find a huge amount of military MOC sets on Rebrickable, including some free ones.

    • +1

      Imagine an SR-72!

  • Appreciate it OP, Bought!

  • Perfect timing on this post, OP!

  • I recently bough chinese knock-off version of concorde from compant called jie-star, was around 120 aud delivered from memory (https://joooooy.com/products/2083pcs-80318-airbus-concorde-p…), such a good quality… bricks are a litte tighter fit, but they definitely fit, no missing parts, no stickers (all printed). Good quality manual (kids were able to put it together).
    Even at this price, I probably wouldnt consider the original.

    • -2

      Why support communist rip off merchants?

      • it's more about not supporting the ones who are a bit too greedy and are soon to find out that inflating prices may fire back once the communist ramp up their game.

        Although I agree that Lego is probaly one of the more responsible companies so maybe my backlash here is not the most appropriate :) anyway, I just prefer to spend $120 than $300 on product that is 95% as good.. The remainign 5% is just the windscreen on the droop snoot that is greyish not white - but I knew that before and wasnt bothered.

        I will just add that this was my first chinese lego knock-off set, after spending a lot of money on legos, although never on such big sets. Having said that I am super impressed with the quality, as I was expecting at least some issue with putting it together or some missing bits. There are some really good reviews of this particual set from this particual company online though on AFOL pages. If this trend continues with the Chinese (and no doubt it will) I think we can see some price drops on more Lego sets.

    • Any issues ordering through joooy? Ant other sellers you’d recommend. Now the oatent has expired in Lego I don’t mind off brands! Feel free to pm if preferred.

      • +1

        no issues at all, but I've paid with paypal from memory just in case… that's my only non-original set so far so don't know about any other sellers, but as others pointed, plenty of stuff on aliexpress, just hard to say brand sometimes, Jie-star is really good from what I can tell based on Concorde

  • Thanks OP, couldn't resist.

    Wow, just read it's 105cm long.. need to evaluate shelf space.

    • Yeah the Lego Concord is massive, really cool but massive

    • +6

      We got few Billy bookcases from IKEA. They are 800 wide. Cut a whole to make one shelf longer for titanic. Printed out LED holders. Not finished as need to print black holders for the cut. Or paint it black.

      • Printed holders to use screws to put them together on the top. Gonna put more led bottom 2 shelves and on top when we know were thinks are going. Also extend one shelf as the grand piano won't fit on there.

        Only thing is we got some cheap led strips and they have same frequency as the fire tv remote lol. Set the mood with one remote.

      • Nice display.

        On a sillier note could have split the Titanic in two to bookend the bookcase.

        The really nifty bit would be to use each of the individual shelves to diorama different levels/compartments of the ship like a cross-section. Even install a garage for a vintage car.

        • It splits in 3. Got lights for it but haven't installed it yet. It's wife's baby so not touching it lol. Do agree it looks awesome on the inside. Got much more lego we haven't put up yet. Pretty sure gonna move things around a few times

      • That’s super cool!

  • Thanks OP. Bought one. OzB hits my wallet again (for good reasons).

  • Everyone getting the Concorde? I went online and reviewers seem to all love the set. I think it looks great in this size but might cause issues for displaying.

    Wish Saturn V was still available now that I am liking space stuff.

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      It’s a great build, but the size is huge!

      • Yeah ridiculously big, good and bad! You enjoy this set? Smaller would be easier to place but might lose the proportion or interior parts!

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      Saturn V is still available, many on eBay and marketplace. Even at $200 and almost 2000 pieces, it's not much more expensive over the original $200 RRP, compared to the $ to pieces ratio on what Lego sells these days.

      • Thanks, didn't think of marketplace. Most sets on ebay around $250. Yeah prices aren't too bad for this, do you know how cheap it got?

        I think lego reselling would be hard for most sets.

        Wanted to get old modulars but crazy prices for sets like town hall.

        • +1

          If you are not fussed, then collect used sets from Petshop/Detective's office onwards, its $300+ for used set. Older ones like town hall are expensive yes.

          • @lilkid28: You look for old sets on bricklink or just facebook marketplace? I did see some bnib ones for sale on marketplace.

            Not into collecting all of them, just a few I like due to space. Like Parisian Restaurant, Downtown Diner and Corner Garage.

    • I got the Concorde, no idea where I'll store it but I've been eyeing it since release

      • Haha I think on top of shelves would be good.

  • If only I had more space…. I just can't fit all these things in…

    One day I'll have the space…

    Thanks OP

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