LEGO Gear Bots (Klutz): Create 8 Machines $15 (RRP $29.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Lego: Gear Bots (Klutz): Create 8 Machines
50% off
Build your own kinetic sculptures in this fun kit.
Add paper-craft characters to the build and watch your new friend come to life!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Gadgets and Chain Reactions sets also half price for $15. Looks like they're price matching BIG W.

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      Note that the other two ship in a couple of weeks

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    Also other items at 50% off, Chain reactions and gadgets.

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    Price matching Big W.

    Note despite being called "Gear" Bots, there are no gear elements.

    Inventory here:

    Looks like it uses Technic Wedge Belt Wheel and Tire as the gears.

    • Thanks, ordered from Big W.

  • Are these any good for kids. Or some of the other 50% off stuff? Sorry- near toddler. 4 and 2 YO

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      might need to pack it away for a few years. Says age 8-12 which in my experience is more like 6 or 7. I bought many low and had them in the cupboard, glad I did as reaping the results now. Got some great stuff for a very low price.

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      My 4yo said it was easy and my 2yo stick them in her ears.

    • You could do it with a 4, the real rub is not just building it but having the kid understand why it works and what's special about it.

      I found the original gadgets one to be the best, a big variety in the types of machines you could make.

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      My 5YO enjoys them

    • I got my son the gadget one @5 (6 now). He has had a great time going though the different builds in the book.

  • Can you make all of them at once, or are the parts shared?

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      They are shared in the "gadgets" one, and I think they can in Chain Reactions you cna make at least a couple a once, I remember that the idea was one machine sets off another

      • Yup, we have the gadgets one, and my 9yo didn't want to dismantle the first one he made…..

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    Can anyone recommend one of these sets over the others?

    Just a bit thrown off my some of the other comments, eg. the gear one doesn't actually have gears…

  • The rubber tires were missing on our one, devastated :)

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