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[PC, Steam, iOS] Free - Talisman: Digital Edition (Was $9.95-$10.25) @ Steam, GOG, Apple App Store


Talisman: Digital Edition will become free-to-play on May 23, 2024. The wait won't be too long, which is certainly a good thing for those of you who haven't had a chance to get your own copy.

As for what specific features or content will be available for free, you'll be able to play the base game without paying anything extra.

GOG link - update per GG deals’ article: with GOG’s version soon to follow Free now
iOS link

Credit to the GG article

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Apple App Store
Apple App Store


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    This is actually a pretty solid game. Highly recommend.

  • Anyone know if you can do online + split screen simultaneously?
    2 friends at their house + me and a friend at mine?

  • I like having digital conversions of physical board games. I would prefer "analogue" gaming, but digital avoids setup and repacking time, storage space, no worry about silverfish feasting on your cardboard component, etc. It's generally cheaper too. You can pre-order the 5th edition physical from Amazon AU for $85: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CS7B7BQ1.

    Steam says I purchased this game in 2014. I only own about one third of the addons though. I guess they are adopting the Paradox strategy; base game free but DLCs never more than 50% off.

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      Haha yeah, release basically early access game then produce $2,000 DLC.

  • Both are still showing $9.95

    • +7

      Steam showing Free now, but GOG still $9.95

      • yup, claimed steam, set another reminder fro tomorrow for gog

  • Is it permanently free to play?

    • +1

      Looks like it:
      "Talisman: Digital Edition will become a free-to-play"

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    BG if you want to add the iOS

  • I still have the analogue version, which I bought from the Games House in Chatswood Chase in 1985.

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