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1/2 Price Ocean Chef Emperor Fish Fillets Skinless 1kg $15 Pasta Italia Pumpkin Ravioli or Beef Tortellini 400g $3 @ Woolworths

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  • How do you cook that ravioli? just boil?

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      Yep I believe so. I think you’d bring salted water to the boil, add the ravioli then boil until it floats to the surface.

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        then you'll need to drain them

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          Yes that too

      • Any way to bake it in the oven instead? Like a pasta bake?

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          I reckon you could. The sauce would probably be enough to soften the pasta. Probably just mix with pasta sauce of your liking in a baking tray and top with cheese. I’d probably go covered in foil for 20mins then take off foil for 5-10mins at 180 fanforced. It’s not a massive bag soIf use a small-medium baking dish to make it dense. I might even try this myself. Half price would be the time to try it.

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    Tried the Emperor fillets last week.
    It's quite a thick and meaty fish.
    Great deal at $15/kg

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