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Alienware AW3423DW 34" Curved QD-OLED G-Sync Ultimate Gaming Monitor $1562.12 (with Techradar Code) Delivered @ Dell

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Not an ATL, but this monitor got a new lease on life with its refresh and firmware updates.

You might think it's a joke to buy this monitor when the freesync version is so much cheaper (AW3423DW is $1180), but with rtings updating their Test Bench to 2.0, they have started testing OLED monitors for an extremely noticable issue: VRR flickering. Almost every single OLED Monitor including the AW3423DWF scores terribly in the VRR flicker test, showing extremely noticeable flicker when changing refresh rate. Only the Alienware AW3423DW stands above the rest with its 9.1 score. Even the newer Alienware 16:9 240Hz/360Hz have noticable flicker.


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  • $156212 woah

  • $156212 wow price is $1562.12

  • Is there any downside to buying this now rather than waiting for the new models (PRICE aside)?

    • Making sure you have a video card that can properly support it …

  • +5

    I got this monitor when it first came out for an amazing price of $1496.00 when it was posted on ozb here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/687627

    It has been an awesome monitor, but alas I have suffered screen burn in even after having been as careful as possible. It wasn't even from gaming, it is the top right corner of my chrome browser. The browser bar itself and the icons to the right of the address bar are now faintly visible on any predominantly white screen.

    I am still under the 3 year warranty and plan to send in for replacement. Just waiting for the right time that I cbf dealing with the task of removing it from my monitor arm, packaging it and then waiting for the likely long turnaround time it will take for a replacement to come back. Will be stuck with a single 27inch while I wait.

    Kinda hoping if I wait long enough, they will stop making it and offer a newer model as a replacement instead. So have until March 2025 to decide.

    No regrets at all though, it has been the best monitor I have ever owned. Will be happy to get the issue resolved and a new one sent back if need be.

    • +2

      If bought directly from Dell they will send out a replacement before you have to send yours back to them.

      I'm also waiting till near warranty expires to get mine replaced as I have the windows taskbar burnt in as the Alienware Control Panel kept installing itself and it doesn't allow your monitor or computer to go to sleep.

      • +1

        Wow, that's awesome. No downtime will be a huge bonus. Thank you for that information.
        I have the taskbar set to autohide but Chrome browser has nothing to autohide the address bar and surrounds that I could find. Seems Edge have this option, but I'm reluctant to switch browser as I am quite fond of Chrome. If I get a replacement, I guess I'll just have to suck it up unless I want the problem to come back.
        I also have screen saver set to 5 minutes, and screen turn off after 5 minutes but for some reason it doesn't always work - have walked away for 10 minutes and screen still active when I get back. Only feel safe if I actually turn the monitor off with the button annoyingly.

      • Dell let that happen on a program used with OLED monitors? It's like they actively wanted warranty claims. SMH.

    • Just curious what firmware it came with standard, mine was 1.6 and no issues with burn in.

      • Mine came with the first one (what ever that was). I only found out within the last week from another post on this monitor on ozb that the firmware COULD actually be updated. Until then, all I had heard was that it was not possible.
        So I have the new firmware now, but it has only been installed for less than a week.

        • Mine came with MB106 which came standard with the pixel cleaning that runs after everytime you turn it off, that might help it now ?

          • @solidussnake: Just checked - Mine came installed with MOB101
            Yeah probably, but it probably wont fix the burn in I already have.

    • Man, just call them, they will assist you very easily. They will send you the replacement monitor and you will use that Box to send it back to them. This was the process I did just recently. Goodluck.

    • Burn in. Get new monitor. Profit. Hell yeah

    • Was gonna explain here what I had to do, but long story short:

      I was in the same boat (same Ozbargain purchase lol) and had pretty bad burn in. Dell tried to initially screw me over (pretended the warranty didn't exist) so I went nuclear and actually got a full refund.

      Reddit post where I explained what happened

  • I don't see why you would buy this over the 4k 240hz new gen oled monitor. It's even cheaper on discount

    • +1

      If you want an ultrawide, that will not even be on the shopping list.

    • +1

      I’ve got a 4k monitor for work and same size and resolution ultra wide for games.
      Ultra wide all day for gaming.
      Plus there are very few computers on earth that can drive a 4K display at far above 100fps for most performance intensive games.

    • I agree, though there are good reasons to go for one over the other.

      32" 4k 240hz:
      - 16:9 has almost universal game support, especially older titles, and less risk of uneven burn-in
      - Looks stunning, much crisper than 1440p
      - Higher refresh rate
      - More vertical screen space with only slightly less horizontal screen space
      - 3rd gen QD OLED panel, 2 years newer
      - Can be considered better value on sale
      - Less VRR flicker compared to previous gen panels

      34" 1440p UW 175hz:
      - Still looks great
      - Much easier resolution to drive at high FPS
      - Slightly more horizontal screen space but much less vertical screen space
      - Minimal VRR flicker on DW GSync version, though DWF freesync version has similar VRR flicker to new panels
      - DWF can be good value on sale

      • The 32" model has a newer panel with rectangular subpixels so text is a bit clearer than the 34" models

  • +2

    I bought 2 years ago $1,600. How is it still this high?

    • Yeah I too am surprised in its lack of price drop, I guess expensive hardware. I’ve been holding out for it to come down but I think I’m dreaming.

  • +3

    You're better off getting the AW3423DWF for $1,259.50 and it has firmware updates.

    • You can now with this model via DP.

      Edit: I have this model before selling for the DW, the brightness difference is very noticeable and the Gsync toning and calibration but again, not worth it for $300 difference.

    • You're better off getting the AW3423DWF

      Enjoy your garbage flickering.


    • +1

      Lack of GSync, hard pass.

  • Using this monitor for more than a year now and been really an awesome experience.

  • I also have it and its been great. A recent Monitors Unboxed video detailed how its possible to update the firmware, I suggest everyone who hasnt done so already go watch it and update. It fixed the annoyingly loud fan for me.

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