DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo $269, Adventure Combo $439 + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi / Delivered @ Amazon AU


Shopping around for an action camera.………

DJI Main Site has more combo available on sale.

PS: Free fast delivery from DJI available if u spend more than $749. (Tnx Dwarves)


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  • DJI want $48.42 for “Standard Shipping”.

    They also say: “For a limited time only, we will provide a fast delivery upgrade on in-stock items from the DJI Store for free.”

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      No. It's a DJI Osmo Action 3.
      Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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      Yes, it's a DJI GoPro 3.

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      If by "go pro" you mean an action camera that functions the same way as a GoPro then yes.

      • this is what i meant not sure why im getting downvoted ozbargain are as bad as reddit

    • It's an action camera.

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      It’s a Pro Go.

  • Is this any good? Looking to setup on my motorbike helmet.

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      Yup! I have one and it’s great!

      Has amazing stabilisation, great video quality and easy to turn on and off with gloves. Magnet click mount makes it easy to change where you have it on the bike.

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        Thanks mate, will buy then.

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      I’ve been using one on both my bicycle and moto handlebars for the past few months, it’s a fantastic alternative to expensive action cameras and plenty of attachments to buy on AliExpress etc

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        Good to know cheers mate. Bought one.

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  • Bought - anyone have recommendations for good accessories for (1) skiing and (2) snorkelling?

    (not necessarily DJI brand, happy to buy generic)


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    Thanks OP. I will be buying this and should have bought this rather than GoPro. We are travelling around NZ right now and it's almost winter but the GoPro keeps shutting down while recording due to overheating. It's literally 15 degrees outside. I am not even recording in 4k.

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      My GoPro Hero 8 black was dead after I shot a 4k video for 30 minutes under the shade in Cairns.

    • Action 4 beats any GoPro hands down

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    You will not find anything better at this price.

  • Wife was wanting a gopro to capture amoungst many things Aurora lights. Can anyone confirm if this can/cant do it?

    • Timelapse would be best for this.

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      Action cameras are not really designed for night and low light stuff

  • The reviews say the lowlight capabilities of the Osmo Action 4 is better.

    And please put the Osmo Pocket 3 on sale too DJI.

    • One of the reasons i went with the Action 4 - I managed to get it for $390 (Standard Combo)

      • Where did you get it for that price?

        • JB Hifi Price match - I requested best price quote from DJI, they emailed me a PDF - then asked JB Hifi to price beat it :)

      • Where and how did you get it for $390 , please share

      • Replying to this to get a notification on how you got it for $390

      • Just FYI - I chatted with JB Hifi rep, they couldn't do at $390. The best price is $430 for OS4 (Standard Combo).

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      ask yourself - is the improvement worth $200 difference?

      • Watch some comparison videos on YT. If filming in low-light then yes, it's definitely worth the price difference.

      • I've watched DJI Osmo Action 4 vs Osmo Action 3. Worth Upgrading? by Tamara Gabriel..OA4 is way better in low light.

  • If DJI is also dumping 3, I guess 5 is coming soon.

    • 5 is still a long way off

  • I already have the base camera with no accessories, but I am looking for just a simple backpack strap mount thing if anyone has any suggestions
    Just want to be able to mount it on a backpack strap on my shoulder and be hands free

  • Is it waterproof? How deep can it go?

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      Dive Deep - Action 3 is waterproof down to 16 meters without requiring any additional accessories, letting you dive deep and explore further when underwater..Front and Back Touchscreens - Dual touchscreens with hydrophobic coating let you vlog, take selfies, adjust parameters, and enjoy crystal-clear playback, even with wet hands..

  • Is this better than the GoPro11?

  • not much of a savings, i need at least 40% off

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    Amazon deal for standard combo is gone

  • Confirming the Action 3/4's dont have ActiveTrack?

    • Nope action camera doesnt have that option in the app.

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    10% off with perks. $242. $395.

  • It's coming up at over $400 at JB hi-fi.
    Can anyone confirm?

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