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Yashica Snapshot 35mm Film Camera $39.50, iDeerLife [2PK] Rechargeable LED Camping Light 5000mAh $30 Delivered @ HarrisTech eBay


Yashica Snapshot Reusable 35mm Film Camera $39.5

iDeer Life [2PK] Rechargeable LED Camping Light- Powerful Illumination Warm/Cool 5000mAh $30

Faleemi FSC768 1080P Home WiFi Outdoor Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection $45

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      Does your phone shoot film?

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        Making a kickstarter to strap a cheap film camera to an iPhone right now, hipsters will love it

      • Realistically where can you even buy 35mm film let alone get it developed.

        • There has been a huge resurgence in 35mm film + labs over the last few years. Around 5-10 active film labs in Melbourne for example.

          • @poppingtags: I get that for enthusiasts or professionals there might be some use cases but would they be buying low end crap like this? Seems an awful waste of money given how effective & (and less wasteful) digital devices are.

            • @Ham Dragon: Agreed - like I noted in another comment, if anyone was interested in trying film then for about the same amount you could get an old film camera off eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Cash Converters etc that should be capable of providing significantly better images plus would allow you to play with things like aperture, shutter speed, focus, etc.

        • Film - can buy from Amazon (eg https://www.amazon.com.au/Ilford-HP5-36exp-roll-Pack/dp/B004…, https://www.amazon.com.au/Ilford-PanF-135mm-exposures-rolls/…), or places like https://filmneverdie.com/ (who also develop, print and scan film).

          Once you have the film, you can also develop the film yourself - super easy, in particular if you just do B&W, and then can scan them yourself using something like a flatbed scanner that has a frame to hold the film.

          In general you will of course be better off using a modern digital camera and clicking on the 'change to b&w' button in the likes of Lightroom, but it's definitely doable.

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      May as well use your phone to tell the time instead of a watch huh @WatchNerd?

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    Be VERY careful dealing with HT, it look me months and the threat of legal action to get a refund of a faulty product. It was never fully clear if they are just hopelessly incompetent, or malicious in their efforts to fob me off, break numerous instances to call back or update me.

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    Fixed focus, fixed shutter speed, requires 400asa film, 31mm lens with fixed aperture of F11. If you want to play with film then I guess it's one way to do it, but for about the same price personally I'd suggest finding a second hand rangefinder (like an Olympus Trip) or even better an SLR (like an Olympus, Pentax, Canon, Nikon etc - try to get with a lens, if only because otherwise the body may have been open for ages and lots of dust has got in) and using that. You will end up with way better quality images.

  • Better buying something like Nikon F65 or Nikon L35 (bit more exxy but heaps better)

    • Yep, and even if your budget is under $40 (keeping in mind that the cost of the roll of film plus processing is probably going to cost around about that much as well) there are better options. Quick search on Marketplace and found a Pentax Z-10 slr with Pentax 35-80 Lens for $20, and a Pentax MZ-50 with 28-80mm lens for $30. For a little more there is an Olympus trip 35 for $50, Canon eos 500 with a Canon 35-80mm zoom for $50. What would really tempt me is the Canon FTb QL I found that seems to include a 50mm f1.4 lens for $90. It needs a clean and service but that shouldn't be too hard, and it's fully mechanical so no electronics to worry about. (I'd note that I saw a near mint one of these on eBay for $230).

      If you just want to have a play, then I'd get either the Pentax MZ-50 (the wider 28mm zoom is nice to have) or the Canon eos. Then if you want to continue, personally I'd lean towards an Olympus XA2 for a rangefinder (tiny, really well made, amazing quality jewel like lens) or for an SLR a Contax 137 or 139 (frequently for around $400 on eBay you can get a Zeiss Planar f1.4 or f1.7 lens that is stunning, with a 137 or 139 in near mint condition from Japan effectively thrown in 'for free'). Due to age of electronics though, it would probably be more sensible to look at fully mechanical cameras like the Nikon F2, Olympus OM-1, Canon F1, Pentax K1000, or my dream camera the Contax S2.

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