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AINOPE 60W USB-C to C Cable 2m 2 Pk $9.09, 1m 2 Pk $7.59, 100W 2m 2 Pk $11.49 + Del ($0 Prime/ $59 Spend) @ AYA Straya Amazon AU

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Aya Straya are currently have 50% off heaps of AINOPE cables on their stores and here's a list of cables on sale for a pretty good price. All of them besides a USB 3.0 extension cable are two packs of either USB-C to USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cables with some having right angles.

  • Redeem the "50% off coupon" under the price on each listing


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is this a genuine AINOPE ?

  • I bought a pair. Will see how they go. Thanks OP.

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      USB-C to USB-C? What charger?

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      You are wrong, supports PD3.0

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    Is AINOPE in the same tier of Ugreen, Baseus and INIU?

    Btw just come across this page. It seems AINOPE is an okay brand.


    Also just heard INIU’s parent company Stiger group is also an OEM of Anker.

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      Thank you I have been looking for something like this.

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    They mustn't like ai? ai NOOOPE

    • You obviously haven't seen the damage that model drift and a few hallucinations can cause when also using a 100w usb cable!

  • Cheers, grabbed some.

    Any deals for good double-sided right angle cables (right handed plug on both sides)? Would be handy for me in certain circumstances (ie. using laptop in my car).

    I had a quick look on aliexpress, and the cheaper ones seem to be all no-name (not even Ainope named!) brands (or at least not any brands I recognise).

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    Maybe someone on here can help me with the following - I need a dual USB-C cable on both ends but in one cable - technically two USB cables but packaged in one cable. Preferably in 2m and with PD on at least one port. I've got a camera with two USB-C ports which doesn't charge and transfer data to a laptop with a single USB-C connection, and I'd like to avoid plugging two cables as it's neater with one.

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      Just do a google search for “2 in 1 USB c cable”

      Example on eBay

      • I did try this and it's not what I want. The cable needs to have 4 connectors, two on one end, and two on another so I can plug in two into my laptop and two into the camera - the reason is that the camera has (stupidly) separated data connection from power delivery onto two separate connections as the amperage is higher than a single USB laptop port can provide. I can use two cables to have the camera charging whilst shooting AND transferring photos, but I'd like to manage it with one cable.

        Interesting, got downvoted for asking a polite question, go figure.

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          Dont know whether or not what you are looking for exists (i didnt know the 2 to 1 cables existed until the above reply!), but could you not just buy two cables and then heat shrink / wrap them together? Seems like a pretty niche use, so custom might be the way to go - I'm sure cable management tubing exists for uses similar to this.

          Just a thought!

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          What camera is it?
          Might be easier to search for camera specific cable

          • @aibargain: Nikon Z8 is the camera in question, sorry I omitted this. Cheers!

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          Are you certain the reason is due the amperage limitation of one port? What happens if you just plug in the power delivery cable, does it charge ok?

          The 2 in 1 cables I own have one port which does both data and power and the other port only doing power. If the problem is not really power limitations then a 2 in 1 cable might still do what you need.

          • @tbone74: When you plug the charging port it does indeed charge, but there is no data transfer on that port - for that you need to plug the second USB-C cable into the second data transfer port. The camera in question is the Nikon Z8, and right now when I plug two separate USB-C cables into two USB ports on my Macbook pro, they charge and transfer data. My Nikon Z7II for instance uses one cable to transfer data and keep the battery at charged level when in use. I hope that makes sense :)

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              @CODY-19: I doubt that it's related to needing additional amperage from a second USB port. More likely it's to enable for example a high output USB charger for faster charging while simultaneously being able to connect to a computer for data transfer. I think a 2 in 1 cable would do what you want. Just make sure that at least one port on the multi end can do data. Although in the past I remember the 2 in 1 cables didn't typically do high speed transfer on the data port so that could be limiting if you can't find one that does.

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              @CODY-19: As a follow up to my last comment, I found the ebay example from aibargain above does 480Mbps data transfer on one of the ports.

              For a camera like that I doubt it's fast enough. It might be ok if you only want to transfer a couple of photos but you'd really want USB SuperSpeed 5Gbps or 10Gbps. I suspect you wouldn't be able to find a 2 in 1 type cable with those data transfer speeds.

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          Just buy two cables and Velcro wrap them together ?

          • @Nom: Might have to, my searching skill cannot find such a cable :(

  • Anyone know if these are good for Android Auto?

  • It appears that the link to the AINOPE USB-A to USB-C 2m 2 Pack $8.99, 4th option, opens to show a different cable. The Amazon webpage states PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: This is the USB c to c cable not the USB-C to USB-A cable.
    Confusing to me.

    • Check "Colour name:" on each listing as you can choose different cables there.

      • Thank you Clear. However, while the image shows USB-A to USB-C, the description under the About this item heading states This is the USB c to c cable not the USB-C to USB-A cable irrespective of the colour choice. Therefore, should I simply ignore the description, and assume the product image is correct?

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          Yes, I ordered it yesterday and received today it is USB-A to USB-C, very happy with the quality, thank you for the OP

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