12 Bottles of Wine + 3x Bottles of Kilkanoon Testament Shiraz + 4,000 Bonus Velocity Points for $139 Delivered @ Virgin Wines

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Found in the "offers" section of your Velocity account.

For a limited time only, receive three free bottles of Double-Gold medal Kilikanoon Testament Shiraz (worth $135) (or if it is out of stock, a similar wine as a substitute), from family-owned vineyards in the Barossa Valley. This exquisite wine is lovingly crafted, boasting waves of blackberry, cherry, vanilla, and spice, perfectly balanced by hints of olive tapenade savouriness. Simply purchase a case of wine for $139 to enjoy this offer and 4,000 Bonus Velocity Points!^

Go to Virgin Wines and select your case (Reds, Whites or Mixed selection).
Enter your Velocity membership details.
Enter your delivery information and complete your order.

First Note: When you click "confirm and pay" you have an offer to save another $40 by joining the Future Discovery Wine Club. I did this last time Virgin offered Wine + Points, and cancelled within 12 weeks and did not have to buy any additional orders.

Order Totals:
Wine Subtotal $139.00
Shipping $0.00
Wine Club Discount $40.00
Grand Total $99.00

Second Note: If you have an AMEX offer for "spend $150 or more, get 50 back" then you CAN stack this offer, by completing a second transaction. See comments below.

Bonus Points Offer: This Bonus Points Offer starts at 12:00am AEST on 22 May 2024 until 11:59pm AEST on 21 June 2024 (“Bonus Points Offer Period”). To be eligible to receive 4,000 bonus Points (“the Bonus Points Offer”), a Velocity member must: (1) take up the above case offer, spending $139 for either the reds case, the whites case or a mixed case; (2) the order must be placed through the Virgin Wines Velocity landing page; and (3) the member must provide their Velocity membership number at the time that they make the transaction. This Bonus Points Offer is only available to Velocity members and may only be redeemed once within the Bonus Points Offer Period. Bonus Velocity Points will be credited to your account within 30 days. Bonus Points will not be allocated (or may be reversed) if an order is cancelled, returned and/or refunded.

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  • +2

    Just short of Amex's $50 back on $150

    • Convenient right…

    • You can just order more and amex will track over two transactions.

  • Looks like a solid deal. Thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, I can’t order as both my emails (hosted on personal domains, one .ch and one is .com) both won’t work and give an error. What a shabby system. Can’t use my work email as it feels wrong as I’m employed by one of Virgin’s biggest competitors!

    The contact form fortunately accepted my email…so hopefully they rectify it soon! Anyone else have this issue?

  • +1

    'Kilkanoon Testament Shiraz'? Must be a knock off of Kilikanoon Testament Shiraz!

    • +7

      Also ‘family owned’ is misleading at best. To my understanding, Killikanoon is owned by Chinese winemaking giant, Changyu.

  • I cannot seem to trigger the join club option

    • OK it only shows up after you entered payment details then click pay, this is unusual

  • thanks OP grabbed 1

  • Good deal, my wife has ordered a couple of these deals in the past. Mist bottles have been good

  • +2

    You can stack with the Amex offer … you just need to do a separate transaction after you have purchased the wine.

    If you aren’t a wine club member (like me) and paid the $139 … I suggest these plastic glasses as they ship free. 1 set if you ignore the discount code (save30) or 2 sets if you want to use the code… both will take you over the $150 to get $50 back 😁

    • Alright, so I've already given them $99 (I am the OP).

      I've gone for d'Arenberg The Other Side Single Vineyard McLaren Vale Shiraz 2012
      "11-year-old, dark and brooding Single Vineyard Shiraz with 95pts"
      1 bottle at $105.00

      because it's been a long time since I treated myself to a $100+ bottle of wine. With the SAVE30 code, and 1 month of unlimited delivery for $3.99, the total comes to $76.29.

      If AMEX gives me back $50, then this $105 bottle cost me $26.29. Fingers crossed!

      Edit: Yas Queen! "Spend $150 or more, get $50 back Thank you for using your Virgin Wines Amex Offer with your Card ending in xxxxx."

  • Yeah, not seeing any option for that $40 saving

    • it showed up for me after entering card then next

  • +1

    Hi OP! How did you get the option to save another $40? Was it after you clicked on confirm and pay or before? I just didn't want to confirm and pay in case it didn't trigger that $40 option

    • Yes, It appears after you click on the "Confirm and Place Order" button. Just tried it.

    • +1

      Note that by accepting the extra $40 off, you sign up for dozen+2 wines at $180 every 12 weeks. IDK if/how you canel that as I didn't choose it.

      Edit: The OP points this out! Oh well, could've saved an extra $40. Returning my OZB badge…

      • Even though I accepted the extra $40 offer, I haven't saved my payment details, so i don't think they can charge me anyway…
        I'm obviously going to cancel it, but i don't see that option on the website right now

        • So to be clear, you need to commit to paying $139 first (confirm and place order suggests you’ll pay at that point), we have to hope the $40 discount offer is provided…?

          • @JutakuHome: No, It takes $40 off

            Order Totals:
            Total Savings $173.00
            Wine Subtotal $139.00
            Shipping $0.00
            All prices are inclusive of GST
            Discount $40.00
            Grand Total $99.00

        • @nubix says you have to call them. Now I'm glad I didn't take the option 😎

  • OP - How did you cancel your Future Discovery Wine Club membership please?
    After checkout I see it against my account but no option to cancel shows.

    • +1

      need to call them

      • Oh, God

        • It's literally a 30 second phone call. Between walking from the car park under Ikea to the entrance of the store, I had cancelled.

  • +2

    I bought this recently. Paid the full price, $139, quick delivery to south east Mel.
    I didn't sign up to the membership, but around 48hrs later got an offer via email to get the first case at $69. So I did that and will cancel. Total of 27 bottles for $208, or $7.70 per unit.

    • 27 bottles of what though

  • +1

    Got mine delivered today.
    Tried calling the 1300 number to cancel the membership, on hold for over 10 minutes and gave up. Used the contact form to request, will wait to hear back from them.

    • How did it go with cancellation?

      • +1

        they cancelled it over email. Good to have it in writing

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